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Padmaavat Box Office : Even Amidst So Many Controversies, Film Will Go On To Have A Good Opening Collection


Padmaavat Box Office : Even Amidst So Many Controversies, Film Will Go On To Have A Good Opening Collection

Padmaavat’s release after so many clashes, violent protests has given quite the setback to its collections at the box office. The film has suffered through atleast 20% of the market loss as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are out of equation. These three states have decided not to release the film until the problems and controversies facing the film are cleared.

The threat to property made by the protesters is a huge concern that the exhibitors see it not worth the risk. On the other hand, Padmaavat managed a very limited release in UP, Bihar, Haryana as these places also witnessed quite a few violent protests. Not to forget that the film has released in 3D, and these states dont have a huge number of cinemas with 3D. While, Gurgaon in Haryana saw the worst of the trouble yesterday; Patna, Lucknow and Kanpur struggled to get screenings of the film.

Although in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai it is been a different story as the film did very well in the hub in Paid previews. Not just Mumbai, but South India was also excellent with Bangalore leading the way with full houses in paid previews. There have been many obstacles reported in the areas of UP, Bihar and Haryana which is another 20% of the market. But the film just can’t afford this 20% to go out of the equation as well. That with additional 20% already gone will leave them with just 60%.

There is going to be an attempt to screen the film tomorrow in UP, Bihar and Haryana but it will be with heavy police presence. Also there’s a band in Karnataka that will affect the collections in Mysore if it is not opened even for the evenings.

For now, paid previews of the film on just 3D screens are in the 4 crore nett range, which is good considering the circumstances. The advance booking estimate as of end of business on Thursday is around 5 crore nett, although low in number, it is to be expected. We can hope for things to clear out soon and the numbers to rise in the collections.

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