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Things That Became Viral Outside Because Of Bigg Boss 11, How Many Can You Remember?


Things That Became Viral Outside Because Of Bigg Boss 11, How Many Can You Remember?

This season of Bigg Boss was one of the most entertaining ones. Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its end and will have a winner tomorrow. On that note, we thought of listing down few words that became an instant hit outside on all social media platforms. Well, if you are a Bigg Boss fan you will know what we are talking about.

Check out these words and if we missed out on any please do add and suggest.

1. Chalu

We remember how Vikas called Hina ‘Chalu’ and the drama queen made a big noise about it. Since then people have used the word to troll as Chalu is a very normal word used in our daily life.

2. Mohalle Ki Aunty

The journalist session inside the house resulted in Hina Khan being the Mohalle Ki Aunty. The Twitter had a blast and people applauded the journalist for calling her so inside the house. This surely means that people agree she is one of a kind as those typical Mohalle Ke Aunties.

3. Maine Toh Yeh Kaha Hi Nahi

This one again goes to Hina Khan and her short-term memory loss where she literally forgets what she rubbish she says and then goes on to say, “Maine Toh Yeh Kaha Hi Nahi ”

4. Shikas

The ultimate Jodi inside the house Shilpa – Vikas, who proved that there is some love, some hate but ultimately its a human nature to forget and forgive and therefore their fans have dedicated the tag ‘Shikas’ for them.

5. Awaam and Zillat Ke Ladoo

Our fav Arshi’s way of speaking was something that took our attention and that two things that became a hit were ‘awaam’ and ‘zillat ke ladoo’

6. Mastermind

The word is used for Vikas Gupta but now in the real world, people use this for someone who is good at their game and manipulation just like our man Vikas.

7. Bailbuddhi

This was the tag given by Vikas to Luv and no wonder this became a trend. Luv instantly became the trend because of this word. Though he proved Vikas wrong, this word is now one of the most memorable ones.

8. Bang Bang

All we knew were these two words – Bang Bang from Akash’s song. He made the song and rap, whatever he speaks in between bang bang is beyond our understanding but surely this was one of the highlights of this season.

9. Flip

The season full of flip. The major ones are for Akash, Arshi, and Shilpa for flipping sides whenever and wherever.

Did we miss out anything? Let us know and which one word or phrase has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments section

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