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‘Kabhi Sanitary Pad Pakda Hai?’, Akshay Kumar Asks All The Men Of The Nation


‘Kabhi Sanitary Pad Pakda Hai?’, Akshay Kumar Asks All The Men Of The Nation

Padman is making all the right waves in the nation along with creating awareness about sanitary pads and women sanitation just like how Toilet Ek Prem Katha did for solving the problem of open defecation in India. He along with his wife, Twinkle Khanna have been quite vocal about the problem of sanitary napkins & pads being non-accessible to a very large section of women in India. Apparently, only 12 % of the total women in India only have access to sanitary pads which is a very disappointing number to be honest. Yesterday, Kumar along with Sonam  Kapoor and R Balki attended an event in the city to promote their film and were asked various questions about the film and other subjects.


There was a moment when Kumar decided that he will ask the public about one very important thing. He asked all the men & the boys that how many of them have ever held a pad in their hands or have bought it from the med shop for their sisters, mothers or friends? He asked,  ‘Kabhi Sanitary pad pakada hai yaha kisee ladke ne? Have you ever taken a sanitary pad, or have you brought sanitary pad for your wife/sister/friend? Why is it a taboo to buy or talk about it in the open for men? I want this thing to change and I am slowly seeing the change as well. Recently, I heard a bunch of boys talking about sanitary pads and its importance out in the open and it a first!’


Talking about working in the film, he said, “Wearing the panties with a sanitary pad was not at all challenging and shameful for me. I did it with complete ease. You guys may feel it’s a challenge, but it’s the most natural thing. The day you stop seeing it as a challenge, more women will be comforted. I didn’t think my role in the movie spoke about a sensitive issue. I’m glad I’m seeing more and more people discussing pads on social media. That’s a victory in its own way.”


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