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Bigg Boss 11: Twiteratti Goes On An Uproar As Hina Khan Gives Out Vulgar Comment On Shilpa Shinde, Yet Again!


Bigg Boss 11: Twiteratti Goes On An Uproar As Hina Khan Gives Out Vulgar Comment On Shilpa Shinde, Yet Again!

Bigg Boss 11 finalists Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde have always seemed to be at loggerheads, from food to kitchen to task, they are always at two poles apart from each other.

As we come close to the end of this controversial season, even the final episodes and footages have seemed to make quite an uproar amidst their fans. Once again, it seems Hina Khan has let her mouth run over the limit, she just doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line. Well, she is the HINA KHAN, she can say or do anything.

Well, Shilpa Shinde fans went on an uproar recently courtesy Hina Khan’s comment which may have been directed towards Shilpa. Well, to be precise, evicted contestant Arshi Khan was invited as a guest on the show for directing a task. Hina was eating the food that Arshi had made as Shilpa had refused to cook for Hina. In return, Hina told Arshi, “Baat kaise karti hai yaarjaise call girl ho.” (She talks as if she is a call girl)

This sent the whole of #shilpians into a rampage because honestly, does she never learn or she is just that dense! Is this what her apparent literacy is supposed to amount to, well it shows her mentality! Even Suyyash Rai, fellow Bigg Boss contestant himself, lashed out on Hina Khan’s vulgar comment.

He tweeted, “I just saw this video where Hina is talking about some1 that she talks like a call girl, by any chance is she talking about Shilpa Ji …? Coz that’s what Shilpa Ji’s fans are saying. If this is true, it’s disgusting while I was getting kinda ok with Hina, this happened. Really SAD!”

It doesn’t matter if it is for Shilpa Shinde or not, the comment itself is highly inappropriate and wrong to be delivered when you’re on camera 24/7. It is wrong moreover due to the fact that no one gives her the right to judge anyone. Well, Hina Khan definitely never learns!

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