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Golden Globe Awards Has Been Painted Black In Color Yet It Shines The Most, Today!


Golden Globe Awards Has Been Painted Black In Color Yet It Shines The Most, Today!

Hollywood has got itself painted black, today at the prestigious Golden Globe Awards of 2018. The big stars and the small stars, the men and the women but moreover the extraordinary women of Hollywood came together in this ceremony painted in black as a symbolic gesture of support towards the victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Although this initiative by actresses pledging to wear black on the red carpet of the Golden Globe might have been received in two ways. Negative and positive. Even if they’re designer, black symbolized their own notions and support towards the cause of many. It expressed their unity and one single opinion against sexual abuse. No matter of how less or more the symbolism is perceived to be or how hollow it seems with just switching the outfit’s color, but watching Hollywood’s most prolific women stand united in stark black was, indeed, an impressive sight.

In the times of cutthroat competition inside and among these women more so presented by the media through every aspect of their existence – from what they wear, how they aged, whether they went under the knife, how they look, whom they date and how much they make – far more than the men, makes it more of an outstanding emotion. Today, at the Golden Globe Awards every woman painted black reflected the gold within herself, empowering not just herself but her fellow women!

According to the New York Times, Lena Waithe, the creator of The Chi, told InStyle, “It may be a small way of showing solidarity, but to me, this is extremely important. If someone looks back and wants to know where I stood, they’ll see that picture of me on the red carpet wearing nothing but black.” Also, watching the founding members of Time’s Up – Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd – holding hands and walking on the red carpet, was a bittersweet, powerful sight to behold.

Moreover, the star of the evening was the moment when Nicole Kidman, who won the first award of the evening – best actress in TV movie or miniseries — for her role in Big Little Lies as a battered wife who, after months of quietly and confusingly justifying her husband’s abuse, finally finds the courage to leave him. Nicole dedicating the award to her female co-stars and accepting it with a “Power of Women!” was the highlight of the evening.

It isn’t about revolution or drastic change in the face of an uproar through an action. It is that even the smallest ripple can create a huge difference one day. It is not the color but the unity amidst everyone and within their conscience.

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