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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Gets Called Out By Puneesh Sharma For Giving Ugly Reactions!


Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Gets Called Out By Puneesh Sharma For Giving Ugly Reactions!

It is no surprise that Bigg Boss 11 has become a house with tumultuous emotional rollercoasters. Each and every day there’s dome or the other change in the dynamics of the contestants and their relationships with each other. Not to forget that their fights and arguments have a very aggressive side to it, from name calling to violent backlash everything takes place amidst the contestants.

This time though the arguments were to be pitted against each nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 1, the makers made it so that they could bring out the worst in themselves against each other. In the recent task, all the nominated contestants were supposed to go against one person each and tell them why they don’t deserve to be a part of the finale. They were chosen to be voted by the public through their popularity in the show. Well, everyone got a choice to be bashed up by the other contestants.

The first to get up to the task was Hina Khan, the contestants took to lashing out their own opinions about why she shouldn’t be on the finale. Some of them quite apt, during this time Puneesh Sharma called her out on making ugly facial expressions even after having such a beautiful face. Well, Hina quickly responds to that by saying that she knows she is ugly. While Puneesh Sharma didn’t once say it himself, Hina Khan wanted it to be portrayed in that sense and admitted to it herself.

Is it just another way of Hina Khan to make herself out to be the victim of everyone’s strategies inside the house.

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