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Justin Bieber’s Steps To Stardom Special Museum Exihibit Is Definitely Awe-Worthy And Inspiring!


Justin Bieber’s Steps To Stardom Special Museum Exihibit Is Definitely Awe-Worthy And Inspiring!

Justin Bieber is really someone worth aspiring and inspiring, from his past to his present he has proved that nothing ever comes in life without talent and hard-work. Justin’s success is his story of struggle throughout his childhood, memories of becoming what he is today start from him sitting and strumming his guitar on the steps of the local Avon Theatre at Stratford, Ontario. All these precious memories will be stored, preserved and showcased in the most beautiful of ways through a special museum exhibit in the Stratford Perth Museum, Ontario.

It has become a sort of a scavenger hunt for the general manager, John Kastner, of the museum to search for the mementos of the Justin Bieber’s formative years. The whole staff is in on the hunt in JB’s hometown at Stratford, Ontario. John Kastner recently hunting clues on the whereabouts of a professional drum kit the pop superstar had owned as a youngster. Well, it had seemed like the perfect centerpiece for the “Steps to Stardom,” the Bieber showcase opening at the museum on Feb. 18. Truly, it definitely will be a masterpiece for the whole setup.

“Somebody said, ‘I have those drums.’ So, we reached out to that person – well, they weren’t the right drum set,” Kastner said. Well, it took a lot of phone calls and a famous pic of the young teeny Biebs playing on the drum set bought by his parents through a small fundraiser’s money, to get a positive response from someone in Barrie, Ont., who was storing them. They’re now slated to be part of the Bieber exhibit.

Just like this, there are hundreds of examples on the search of Justin’s “Steps to Stardom”. The museum’s organizers have chased down leads and waded through boxes in hopes of collecting and creating a wholesome showcase of the pop superstar’s vibrant career. The exhibit is a positive reach that focuses on the upside to Bieber’s success while ignoring his troubled days with the law.

There will be an array of goods and memories collected and kept in the showcase for all Beliebers to see and delight themselves over from Bieber’s Grammy Award, microphones he’s used, his Stratford Warriors hockey jacket, and personal letters, including one from Michelle Obama. Kastner estimates the room’s size, which is the second-largest gallery, is roughly 1,000 square feet.

The whole ordeal was possible due to the willing cooperation from Justin’s grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, who gave the curators all-access to boxes that stored quite the adorable mementos from the performer’s childhood and career. Although the whole idea came about during a conversation in-between Kastner and John Till – a renowned Stratford-born studio musician who’s worked with the likes of Janis Joplin and Ronnie Hawkins – when he began talking about his own memorabilia.

“I started to think about Justin Bieber and people like that,” Kastner said. “We can keep things for safe-keeping (here).” also during the visit of one of the cabinet minister, wherein the minister asked about the pop sensation’s absence, even after his impact on the city.

“This was a (former) cabinet minister,” he said. “That sort of stuck with me.” Before they knew it, the Bieber collection was bursting with potential objects – about 125 of them – that needed to be narrowed down to a manageable selection. Organizers plan to put between 50 and 75 pieces on display and will refresh the exhibit with new items as time passes.

“For one concert tour he got a different pair of running shoes for every venue,” Kastner said. “So there’s a pair of running shoes for Melbourne, Australia and another pair of running shoes for Wembley Stadium.”

Well, the organizers hope “Steps to Stardom” will have a similar appeal to Bieber’s loyal fan base, but also draw more casual music fans. Even if not everyone is ready to catch the Bieber fever, Kastner hopes people understand why the museum thinks this exhibit makes sense.

“You (must) tell this story if we’re going to be relevant and we’re going to be modern,” Kastner said. “I think it’s a job for museums to tell stories and this is a great story.” Indeed, it is!

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