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Aanand L Rai Reveals Why He Revealed The Title And Teaser Of Zero One Year Ahead Of Its Release


Aanand L Rai Reveals Why He Revealed The Title And Teaser Of Zero One Year Ahead Of Its Release

Zero has already become the talk of the town and amidst the fans as everyone is absolutely thrilled to see SRK in such a ‘hatke’ role. As usual Shah Rukh Khan goes out of his comfort zone to do something totally unique in the most effortless of ways! This Anand L.Rai’s directorial took our breathe away, from its first look itself. Zero quickly becomes a movie that we all are eagerly awaiting for, but it is definitely a bummer that this masterpiece will be released in December of 2018.

Well, recently Aanand L Rai revealed why he released the teaser and title one year ahead of their release, here’s what he said, “They (fans) are carrying an image in their mind and it is not exactly what we have in the film. When we were working on it we did not know it (dwarf part) will look this way. I want to replace that image with the right image. The film’s USP is Shah Rukh’s performance.Though we are one year away from the release, the film is already getting so much love. So Khan sahab and I decided to give something to fans. It is purely out of the love and affection that we are getting from the fans.

He further added, “There should be a synergy between the makers and the audience. I don’t want to create a gap. I need encouragement from the audience as you feel positive at work. It is very hectic but it is keeping us happy.” The teaser starts with adjectives like ‘Paagal’ (mad), Aashiq, Makaar (schemer), Shayar (poet), which hints at the various shades of SRK’s part in the movie. Rai says Shah Rukh is a “sure” actor and likes to keep things on edge.

“I think I can do something like this only with a great actor like Shah Rukh. He is a very sure actor, he knows what he is doing and getting into. He has got a maker in him and likes to put things on edge and this is a brilliant thing. “I can ask for anything from this actor. With words like ‘pagal’, ‘shayar’ and ‘aashiq’.. I think this is how we are in real life, a combination of different emotions.” The film also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

It is quite intriguing that Zero has been saved up for Christmas times of the year 2018. It is also long wait, after-all the new year has just begun, and the anticipation is already making us chip away at the seems. Although until then we have a reassurance that we will always be delighted with some interesting teasers and a dhamkedar trailer with super-hit songs in the line-up until the movie releases on 21st of December. Though it seems that Anand L. Rai has already started giving out tidbits of info to satiate our thirst to know more about Zero, in this interesting interview with Mumbai Mirror.

When asked why Zero was chosen to be released in December of 2018, and about the intriguing title of this dwarf movie. He said, “I grew up in a simple, middle-class family without a car, air conditioner or five-star dinners, yet I was perfectly happy because of happiness, as I’ve come to realize, is a state of mind. You can touch infinity even when you are zero, like Khan Saab’s (Shah Rukh Khan) character. December is a month when we celebrate life and what better time for a boy who celebrates that he is physically incomplete and in his incompleteness completes others as he travels from Meerut to New York. There is a beauty in incompleteness we are celebrating.”

On why, Shah Rukh Khan was the chosen one, he said, “I needed a big star and even if you cut two feet away from Khan saab, he’d still stand tall. Also, this story has a wide reach and he will take it to the world.”

Talking about his journey through the tough looking VFX, he said, “I’d use the word ‘enjoyable’ rather than ‘tough’ because he’s made it fun. Yes, it’s a VFX heavy film, but the effects are to tell a story and not just for impact.”

On why were A-lister actresses Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma chosen, even with Shah Rukh Khan already as the main lead, he said, “I took Katrina and Anushka not because they are big names but because they fit the characters. I know people think I want to get into a different league but when they see the film they will realise it’s still about casting and not set-up. I may be on a new pitch, playing new shots, but I’m still true to my roots and original in my storytelling.”

On the title Zero, Aanand revealed, “I wanted to celebrate ‘Zero’; I wanted to celebrate the incompleteness in people. There is nothing great in being a complete person. There is a beauty to incompleteness. We all are humans and Zero comes from there.”

On whether Zero will be a gamechanger too, he said, “That’s a word I would like to hear from someone else, not from my own lips. But what I can promise is some takeaway, people will discuss it long after it’s over.”

Lastly on his journey and experience with Shah Rukh Khan in the last one year, he said, “I’m not talking as a director here but as a person with 46 years of life’s experiences behind me. Being with this honest and intelligent man who teaches you even through his own mistakes, has changed my perspective on many things and helped me grow as a person.”

We are definitely eagerly awaiting the release of Zero directed by Anand L.Rai, starring Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan in key roles, on 21st December 2018. It will definitely be a one of a kind experience!

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