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John Cena Is In Love With Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talk On Humanity, Fame And Love


John Cena Is In Love With Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talk On Humanity, Fame And Love

Ted Talks in India has started on a very positive and successful note, it has kept up with a steady flow of ideas and creativity at its best just like it had promised us, viewers.

Well, not to forget that the host of this very commendable and highly optimistic show is none other the seller of millions of dreams and an inspiration to all from different walks of life, SRK. Shah Rukh Khan is definitely the only one who can make us believe in these optimistic ideas, in the awe-worthy that come out to the world at large from the minds of our fellow Indians.

The representation of this attitude started from his own very Ted Talk at the global arena of the same show, when earlier in this year of 2017, he represented and expressed his ideas and opinions on the most vital topic called ‘Humanity’.

We talk about the very much appreciated and applauded talk of SRK, maybe one of his best talks yet, due to the recent tweet of John Cena. For those uninitiated, John Felix Anthony Cena is an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper and reality television show host.

John Cena took to Twitter to post the Ted Talk given by the Badshah of Bollywood in early 2017. He wrote, “This was randomly put up in a small article by @theCHIVE very glad I stumbled across it… via @TEDTalks”

Well, just like this versatile celebrity, we too are big fans of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talk, not only what he said at the global arena but also the way he handles and hosts the show of the Indian Ted Talks. As, rightly put by this Badshah, “Humanity is truly like an aging movie star, grappling with all the newness around itself, wondering whether it got right in the first place, and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.”

Watch it here:

We definitely have this man as goals for ourselves in the present and for the future. Now is truly the most momentous moment for Humanity to grow!

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