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Bigg Boss 11: Jyoti Kumari’s Transformation Will Leave You Speechless, Check Out Photos!


Bigg Boss 11: Jyoti Kumari’s Transformation Will Leave You Speechless, Check Out Photos!

Not just Mehjabi Siddiqui though, there’s another contestant who left quite early but has brought a drastic change in heeself. One of the closest friends of Vikas Gupta inside the house, Former Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Jyoti Kumari had shown us quite the ‘Mithi Choori’ attitude inside the house, but after she has bid adieu to the show, it seems that this small town girl has left us all more speechless as well! Here’s some of the latest pics of Jyoti Kumari floating on the net space:

Bigg Boss 11 has come to pass its 12th week and all that’s left, are eight contestants, who are strongly fighting it out. When the most controversial reality show had started its 11th season, it was complete set of 18 people, including six celebrities and 12 commoners.

Well, all these commoners were from different walks of life, with a different perspective and personality to contribute something to the overall show. The most interesting out of all of them were ‘The Padosis’. Out of the four Padosis only one is left inside the show, that being Luv Tyagi.

But what has happened yo those contestants that have bid adieu to Bigg Boss 11?! While some of them decided to get on with their lives as usual, some of others decided to stay and give themselves a huge makeover. Well, one of them being Mehjabi Siddiqui, this lady has definitely given the most astounding transformation!

Mehjabi Siddiqui has left us all speechless as new pictures of the former contestant have wormed their way to social media, also the fact that it was literally quite difficult to recognize her without reading her name in the caption.

Well, check out Mehjabi’s latest photos right here:

Mehjabi Siddiqui was eliminated along with Sabyasachi few weeks back as a part of the double eliminations. 

Although she has made quite an impact on the show as well as made us quite proud with her fierce pride and self-confidence in being dark skinned!

Maybe she may have not left us quite speechless with herself in the show, but in real she has definitely left us all agape!

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