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BBC News Messes Up Big Time By Putting Up Amitabh Bachchan & Rishi Kapoor’s Movie Clips As The Late Shashi Kapoor!


BBC News Messes Up Big Time By Putting Up Amitabh Bachchan & Rishi Kapoor’s Movie Clips As The Late Shashi Kapoor!

The sudden demise of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor has left everyone with an emotional dent. The charming Bollywood actor not only stole millions of hearts with his acting skills but also with his persona and screen presence. Shashi Kapoor wasn’t just a Bollywood actor, who has greatly contributed to the Indian film industry, but also greatly known by media and people all over the world for his numerous international films and collaborations over the years.

This awesomeness of Shashi Kapoor led to a lot of tributes from the media houses around the world. It is definitely a proud fact fir is Indians that Shashi Kapoor was loved by so many all across the globe. We shared the same pain and grief at the loss of this wonderful gem of a person.

What irked us though was this terrible mistake done by none other than one of the most iconic global media house, BBC news!

Known for its unbiased and accurate reporting, BBC news messed up its cover story on Shashi Kapoor’s demise by mistakenly using the footage of Amitabh Bachchan from ‘Kabhie kabhie’. Well, it doesn’t end there, they create another blunder as they go on to use Rishi Kapoor’s clip, who is actually the nephew of Shashi Kapoor. Moreover, BBC didn’t even show Shashi Kapoor’s face even for once in the whole segment covering the news of his death.

Well, this definitely won’t go down well with us, Shashi Kapoor’s after-all a very, very endearing celebrity for us all. So, naturally BBC came under the radar of several angry Indians, calling them out on their amateur silliness and irresponsibility. Not just us, Indians, the news agency was dragged down by people all over the world, and accused of the “all brown people look the same” stereotype. 

This terrible ignorance and error definitely didn’t sit well with anyone as everyone hounded the news agency to let them the sheer intensity of their mistake and how insulting it was for us all. Many of the people suggested them to take steps in recruiting diversity in their newsroom to avoid such blunders in the future. It is definitely not acceptable.

Finally, the news editor, Paul Royall made an apology and stated that such a mess up wasn’t their “usual standards”.

Well, being the most recognized and accurate of all agencies such an ignorant attitude isn’t appreciated nor expected as well. Maybe it’s time to reflect on those “usual standards” after-all!

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