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Bigg Boss 11: Is Bigg Boss Planning To Send Shilpa Shinde To The Secret Room!??


Bigg Boss 11: Is Bigg Boss Planning To Send Shilpa Shinde To The Secret Room!??

Bigg Boss season 11 has come to a drastic twist, while on one end we hear rumors of another wild card entry happening, something very surprising has happened inside the Bigg Boss house.

In yesterday’s nomination special episode, all the remaining members except Vikas Gupta, who is the current captain of the house, were given the choice of safeguarding one other member from nominations. While everyone was saved by each member except Luv Tyagi and Akash Dadlani, Bigg Boss made a surprising twist by giving captain of the house, Vikas Gupta the power to save one of the two nominated housemates and while replacing that particular name with another name of his choice.

Well, after a lot of thinking Vikas Gupta chose Shilpa Shinde to be nominated against Akash Dadlani and safeguarded Luv Tyagi from nominations.

Now, the most biggest twist that got played by Bigg Boss was that this week’s voting lines have been closed down, it is pretty much obvious that no one will leave now that voting shall not occur.
But here’s the twist, is it because Bigg Boss wants to send Shilpa Shinde to the secret room? Is there a chance that Shilpa Shinde will be sent to the secret room, just like it was done in all other seasons before, under the garb of being eliminated from the show? If at all this does take place, what will happen next will be very, very exciting as knowing the reality of the house and member’s intentions might actually be beneficial and an advantage for Shilpa Shinde to strategize her game for the future!

We are definitely very eager and in total anticipation for the next Weekend Ka Vaar and its consequences! What are you thoughts on Shilpa Shinde going to the secret room?!

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