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Weekend Watch: 5 Reasons Why Tera Intezaar Is A Must Watch


Weekend Watch: 5 Reasons Why Tera Intezaar Is A Must Watch

5 Reasons, why Tera Intezaar is a, must watch

Ever since the release of Golmaal Again, the audience is keenly awaiting a quintessential Bollywood potboiler complete with emotions, romance, music and some thrills added in for good measure. And with Sunny Leone – Arbaaz Khan’s next film, this ‘Intezaar’ might come to an end soon.

Directed by Raajeev Walia, Tera Intezaar is a Romantic Thriller with a supernatural twist, and here’s why you need to watch this one in theatres this Friday!

1)      Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan’ sensational chemistry

Tera Intezaar marks the first collaboration between Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan, and their chemistry is absolutely crackling. Arbaaz had been rather keen on working with Sunny and that was one of the reasons why Arbaaz came onboard.

2)      Melodious Soundtrack

The music of Tera Intezaar is already topping charts, and since all the songs are an important part of the narrative, it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds with them.

3)      Breath-taking Locations

The film has been extensively shot in Mauritius, and in sharp contrast to that, some bits of the film have also been shot in Kutch, which will bring out the best of both foreign and Indian landscape.

4)      Sunny Leone – The Sexy Barbie Girl

When it comes to dance numbers, Sunny Leone’s charm is unparalleled. After the success of Baby Doll, Laila Mail Laila and Pink Lips, the actress will be seen grooving to the tunes of Sexy Barbie Girl in the film. While the song is already trending on YouTube, the experience of watching the song on the big screen will be exceptional.

5)      The supernatural twist

One genre that Bollywood doesn’t explore enough is horror, and it will be interesting to see how Raajeev Walia has interspersed supernatural elements with a love story.

Produced by Aman Mehta & Bijal Mehta of Bageshree Films along with associate producers Ruby Prem Singh, Pankaj Thakkar & Manoj Sanghvi, Tera Intezaar is scheduled to release on 1st Dec, 2017.

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