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Shah Rukh Khan’s And Anushka Sharma’s Current Obsession On The Sets Of Aanand L Rai’s Next Film Revealed


Shah Rukh Khan’s And Anushka Sharma’s Current Obsession On The Sets Of Aanand L Rai’s Next Film Revealed

The shooting of Aanand L Rai’s next untitled venture popularly known as the dwarf movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma is on full swing where the three actors are shooting non-stop in Mumbai for the same. While there are different slots for the lead actresses, Khan has his scenes with both of them. This will be Anushka’s fourth film with Khan and their camaraderie is a sight to behold. The two actors are inseparable on the sets are their new obsession is is helping them in the same. FInd out what is the latest obsession of Harry and Sejal here…



Khan and Sharma are spending a lot of time between shots playing Ludo. The old school board game which has upgraded to a much cooler, better and user-friendly digital version which the two actors play on their smart phones. The very popular game seems to have found a fan in King Khan and Anushka as well who seem to be obsessed over the game. A source from the sets told us, “Everyone knows how big a gamer SRK is. He constantly likes to play something or the other on his digital devices. And he has found a gaming partner in her. Both, Anushka and SRK, are hooked to the game.”

Being competitive to the core, both the actors give it all out to win the game amidst all the fun & frolic. The source continued, “Whenever they have a little breather, they even pull in crew members and play Ludo on sets. It’s infectious. In fact now, Rai too started joining them in the sessions, and eventually, other crew members started taking interest in it.”


Talking about the failures and successes of her films, Anishka said, “I don’t get into all this (fate of films at the box-office). I don’t like sitting and dissecting a film, understanding why people are saying what they have. What’s done is done. I will always stand for the films that I’ve done. No one ever questions you when your film is successful. I’ve been part of films that have been the biggest in Indian cinema and I feel since we don’t do it then, there is no point doing that when a film doesn’t work.”

“We learn from our failures and at the same time, you learn from your successes, too. It’s not like you learn anything more or less. The fate of a film is something that will always be defined by the audience and you have to respect that. Also, it’s a very subjective thing. Sometimes, there’s a film you might do, which you don’t expect too much from, but suddenly it surprises you. That’s happened a lot with me, when it comes to smaller films. They found a much larger audience than what I expected them to. These are things that you have to take in your stride and still hope that you learn from it,” the actress continued.

Talking about whether the failure of her last movie affected her or not, “Of course, I was affected by it on the level that any actor would be affected if their film didn’t do well. At the same time, I feel that just when it happens, to think about that, it won’t be right or productive. You do get a sense of why a film does or does not do well. But it might not always be true.”

It will be interesting to see if Kat also joins the two actors in this latest obsession of theirs and who will be the winner?

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