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Natural Remedies: How To Remove Underarm Pigmentation Effortlessly While Chilling At Home 


Natural Remedies: How To Remove Underarm Pigmentation Effortlessly While Chilling At Home 

The confidence with which I am sharing this story is all thanks to these easy remedies that I tried all at my own comfort. Sometimes some things are pretty embarrassing for a girl and they hesitate to share their problems.Underarm pigmentation is just one of those. We want to wear those sleeveless dresses but then we are too shy to even raise our hands a bit and it’s all thanks to our unwanted pigmentation. So what next? Well, let’s just say a big BYE BYE to this embarrassment and I will tell you exactly how.  

1. Squeeze A Lemon  

Its that easy. A lemon is that wonderful trick that will help you get rid of the pigmentation. It has bleaching properties and it removes tan/pigmentation like  magic. So squeeze some lemons and apply on your underarmsbefore you go to take a bath, leave it for sometime and that’s it, you are done.Follow this as a routine and you will be surely happy with the results in a week.  

If you have extra bonus time then you can also make lemon paste with some honey or yogurt and leave the mask for 10 mins and then take a bath.  

Be Careful: Always apply moisturizer when you use lemon on your skin as it makes it a little dry.  

2. Let The Potatoes Potate  

Literally, Aaloo aka Potato is your best friend and it will help you in getting rid of that pigmentation. Not many know, Potatoes are good bleaching agents too. So cut the potatoes into 2 slices, apply on your underarms and leave it for 10 mins. You can then wash it with lukewarm water. Make sure you follow this as a ritual everyday for best results.  

3. Cucumbers Are More Than Just Salad Ingredient  

I always loved cucumbers so so much and now that I discovered its not just good in taste but also works great, i am hopping in joy. Cucumbers are everyone’s fav but did you know that it helps in lightening dark skin?  

Well, yes it does. The cucumber juice can be mixed with lemon juice, add a pinch of turmeric and then apply on your underarms. The three power packed ingredients lighten your skin and also adds glow to it. So get yourself going.  

4. Milk Your Way To Beauty  

Don’t be surprised, milk is that thing which is easily available anywhere anytime. So next time you are on work travel or girl’s trip out, never forget to take care of your underarms. You can just wash your underarms with milk incase you are running out of time or you can even make a thick paste out of it. Simply take 2 Tablespoon of milk, add 1 tsp of yogurt and 1 tsp of flour, mix well and make a paste. Apply the paste on your underarms, leave it for drying, wash off with water. It’s that easy.  

5. Last but not the least – Baking Soda  

When you can’t bake, just make. It was bad I know but baking soda isn’t the bad one here. This ingredient does wonders for every beauty conscious soul. So what you have to do? It’s super easy. Take baking soda, add water to make a thick paste out of it. Apply the paste, leave it to dry, wash off and dry the area with towel (pat the towel gently and don’t rub). You’re done with the process and you are ready to go.  

Its unbelievable but true, these easy DIY things are actually blessing in disguise for every girl/woman who are budget conscious as well as time bound. So being a little thoughtful, we shared our experience. Try these simple tricks at home, while your underarms are pampered you can simply catch up with your fav series, watsapp friends or take a power nap, in that span of time get a deal of clear, light skin underarms without the embarrassing pigmentation.  

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