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10 Signs That Shows Your Guy Friend Wants To Be Your Lover


10 Signs That Shows Your Guy Friend Wants To Be Your Lover

This is nothing unusual, we have seen it in our favorite chick flicks, Bollywood movies and many series too, the male friend falling for his female friend.

Often, the girl also has mutual feelings for the guy but they cannot reciprocate just because they aren’t sure about it. Well, here’s something for all those girls out there.

If you a have a guy friend, if you have feelings for them, then watch out for these signs.

These 10 Signs definitely hints that the guy has a thing for you and you are indeed special for him.

Maybe its time to take your relationship to next level (Woah!) :

1. He never talks about other women in his life, his focus is all about you

Very rare you will find him talking about other girls or complimenting other girls in front of you. He assures that his attention is on you.


2. Does some ‘couple’ type activities with you, which means he sees a future in you

Take you for shopping, sharing food from one plate or accompanying you to your own personal activities like groceries or you even tying your hair for that matter.


3. Remembers many things about you which you shared in all casualty

What you hate, what you love, he knows it and he takes care of it. He will try his best to remember whatever he knows about you.


4. Flirts with you quite often (subtle hints)

Flirting takes a lot of effort and if he is flirting with you, he is clearly telling you that he has a crush on you.


5. He tries to get touchy with you

Leaning on you, touching your hands or hugging you, physical touch means that he is into you and he loves being that way.


6. Looks for your approval, seeking your advice, ask for your recommendations.

If a guy is giving you that much importance, he surely hints that you are special. From asking your advice to seeking your help in his daily life, he wants your presence in everything.


7. Compliments you, notices smallest changes in your looks or appearances

Always appreciates your appearance. Compliments you. Notices your smallest changes be it haircut or dresses.


8. He is a complete gentleman around you, at his best behavior

Guys often are at their best in front of the person whom they respect and love a lot. So if he is always gentlemanly, not swearing and being classy, he is surely wanting to impress you.


9. He is very protective of you, takes care of you always.

He will always protect you from possible problems. Will confront the ones who hurt you.


10. He always has time for you no matter what.

Most importantly, he will always have time for you. He will never ignore your messages, he will always talk to you and assure that he is available for you no matter what.


Well, if your guy friend is doing all these things for you then its time to reciprocate if you also have the same feelings for him. Afterall, there’s no one better to fall in love than a friend.


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