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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Akshaye Khanna Speaks Up On Doing Back To Back Roles Of Cop In Mom And Ittefaq


EXCLUSIVE Interview: Akshaye Khanna Speaks Up On Doing Back To Back Roles Of Cop In Mom And Ittefaq

On today’s exclusive one on one interview with the whole team of Ittefaq, we put forth some of the most intriguing questions to Siddharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha, and Akshaye Khanna.

Well, Ittefaq, for a suspense thriller has done a very unexpected and fantastic opening day collection, by clocking in from an amount of around 4.05 crore, it almost seems surreal as Ittefaq is a very different genre movie from the usual record-breaking movies released at the box office.

Now that the movie is released, we got a chance to speak to the entire team. While we took an interview with Akshaye Khanna, we happened to ask him about his comeback into the movies, his choice of roles. The actor revealed how he isn’t consciously trying to switch to doing more intense roles. We further asked him that he has done a role of a Cop in both Mom and Ittefaq, didn’t it strike him that he will be asked about his versatility and choice?

Here’s what he said,

“I can only choose from what I am offered. Whatever I like, I do. I am not looking to do anything consciously. I have done two back to back films and in both the films I play a cop and I thought about it. I knew people would ask me that I am playing similar characters in both the movie. I told myself, what are the two things – I get asked these questions which is ok, but for that reason, if I don’t do these roles, I lose out on a superb character. So I rather do a really good film and really good character and be asked those questions. “

Well, Akshaye Khanna we truly agree with you on this. The Same role doesn’t mean same character or personality. We are glad you took up these roles and excelled.

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