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After Harvey Weinstein, It Is Now Hollywood Director And Screenwriter, James Toback Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment!


After Harvey Weinstein, It Is Now Hollywood Director And Screenwriter, James Toback Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment!

As reported by the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, a number of women have directed accusations against the Hollywood director and screenwriter, James Toback on the grounds of sexual harassment.

Recently there have been quite a lot of sexual misconduct charges and cases of such harassment coming into the foray in Hollywood. Though this is a much better stance then keeping it under the wraps, it has still got a deep impact negatively on the movies. Blockbuster films like “Blade Runner 2049” and “American Made” were expected to be major hits, but both have flopped. not just that but also movies like “Flatliners,” “Battle of the Sexes,” “Geostorm,” and even the “LEGO Ninjago Movie” have flopped big time. it is all due to the extreme number of sexual misconduct and scandals coming into the media’a attention and gaining the much needed momentum, because that is the right way to bring about clear justice!

This time accusation have been laid out against James Toback, who has been accused of sexually harassing numerous women, as interviewed by the Times, about their alleged encounters with Toback over several decades. Now, here’s some of those very victims coming forward to talk about the filthy crime they had to endure. The article reported that according to the women: “In a hotel room, a movie trailer, a public park, meetings framed as interviews or auditions quickly turned sexual.” All of this came to the forefront when on Sunday, three of Toback’s accusers — Sari Kamin, Starr Rinaldi and Terri Conn — appeared on NBC’s “Nightly News.”

When contacted for a statement over such allegations, the director claimed innocence and explained that he had never met any of the women and even if he did, it “was for five minutes and (he head) no recollection.” He also claimed that for the past 22 years, it was “biologically impossible” for him to partake in the kind of behavior the women had described, reasoning that he had diabetes and a heart condition requiring medication, though the director didn’t care to elaborate as the Times reported. In simpler terms he denied the allegations straight away!

On the background of numerous accusations of sexual harassment being put against powerful movie producer Harvey Weinstein. As the New York Times identified several of Weinstein’s accusers, following with the spark of a new campaign called #metoo led to the coming out of several such cases in which women have shared personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse, shared on Twitter. There’s still a semblance of relief that at least the victims are now getting brave and all the support they need to bring out their story in the forefront.

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