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Here’s Why We Need To Watch Lipstick Under My Burkha, Irrfan Pathan’s Wife Gets Slammed For Showing Her Elbow And Nail Polish


Here’s Why We Need To Watch Lipstick Under My Burkha, Irrfan Pathan’s Wife Gets Slammed For Showing Her Elbow And Nail Polish

It’s really a bit preposterous and too much of hypocrisy within the society we live in, wherein at one end we try to begin with a cleaner slate to women empowerment and her being respected on the other side of the stick we are stuck in a dead end. Our own conundrum of what we, women can and cannot wear which actually, in all honesty, should not be anyone’s concern. But we are just a bunch of noisy nosy people, aren’t we!?

Well recently coming under this long-drawn out inspection of clothes we can and cannot wear or for that matter how much we are allowed to show was the model, Safa Baig, wife to cricketer Irfan Pathan.

He posted an adorable picture clicked of him and his wife out doing normal couple things, just being adorable in general! He even went on to add a sweet little caption to the cute looking pic!

Now everything beautiful and sweet has to marred by the hypocrisy of our dear society, here are some of the attacks made on Irfan’s wife, Safa Baig for showing off her arms in the picture, HER ARMS! Not only a few stray comments but she literally got blew up on showing off her wrists up to her elbows a bit in the pic.


It doesn’t all end there, girls you can’t really wear nail polish anymore too, even that is now supposedly a very crime and sin that you’re committing. Refrain from committing sins or else,
she should have known the oncoming traffic of hate and bashing that she would have to go through, she should learn from others experiences after all!

What with all the bashing was done towards Priyanka Chopra for wearing a dress which was all covered except for her legs, while meeting our PM Modi.


Not just that but the same happened when the Dangal actress, our beautiful Fatima Sana Shaikh was bashed and shamed for wearing a swimsuit during Ramzan.

Well, at least we still have some sane minded people who still have some sense left in them to defend these celebs cases, like in Safa Baig’s case here:

But really why is it that always when we are actually moving towards some progress, the society just has got plans laid out to successfully pull our minds back again into the depths of a gutter! A food for thought ‘never judge a book by its cover’!

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