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Go Braless Because It is Better And Healthier, Scientific Study Reveals More Details


Go Braless Because It is Better And Healthier, Scientific Study Reveals More Details

Right from the age you have to attain puberty until your old age, you are forced to wear those uncomfortable heavy bras because of the fear of getting your lady jugs sagging, developing stretch marks, looking unshapely, and more such etc reasons.

But if we will tell you that you can feel extremely comfortable & relief if you will not wear bra all day long without worrying about the shape & health of your breast, what will be your reaction? Shocked! Right?
Well we will share with you certain facts which will make you go braless:

1) Bra prevents sagging is completely a myth:

If you are convinced that wearing a bra will uplift your jugs against gravity then you are absolutely wrong. According to a 15-year long study on the effect of bras led by sport science researcher and professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, bra doesn’t prevent your breasts from sagging instead they get more saggier by wearing a bra! It is not a joke, it is a reality!

The researcher said that the secret behind toned & perfectly shaped bra is going bra-less. Did you know that your breasts grow perfectly if you let them loose. . During the study, the researchers observed that women who stopped wearing bras out of choice, not as a requirement of the study–had a 7-millimetre (0.3-inch) lift in their nipples compared to regular bra users. Not only this but bras also had many side effects for your health. Apparently bras can hamper your blood circulation and reduce breast-toning over time, which is why wearing them can be harmful instead.

2) It doesn’t help to reduce your back pain at all:

If you are thinking that wearing a bra helps to keep your chest at place & provides it support & also helps to reduce your back pain then you are in a deep sleep. The same study suggested that wearing a bra does nothing to help support the chest or reduce back pain. So stop assuring yourself that wearing bras all day long will help to reduce your back pain & will make you feel comfortable.

3) Low stretch marks & bras have no connection at all: 

when you will not wear a bra there will be increase in the production of collagen production and elasticity which will automatically result in no stretch marks & sagging of breasts. So now your excuse of wearing bras to avoid stretch marks has also become useless.

Aren’t these scientific research about the reality of bras is shocking? So what are you waiting for? Unbutton your bras & get free from that useless torture!

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