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Unbelievable! These 5 Crazy Internships Actually Pay You To Do Something Anyone Would Love To Do!


Unbelievable! These 5 Crazy Internships Actually Pay You To Do Something Anyone Would Love To Do!

Internships are just amazing to learn things and add up to your development.  Many college students apply internships to have their vacations going great.

While some internships are paid and others are unpaid. But the end result matters as you get an extra amazing experience than others. But what if there are internships which will give you fun factor too?

Well, here we bring to your knowledge some crazy internships around the world that will just make you go mad and you will just want to be a part of it. So let’s take you to crazy internship tour.

1. $12000 to drink beer and write about your experience?.

Yes, you read it right. World of Beer based in Florida offers this crazy internship where the interns are asked to go around world taste different beers and write their experiences. Plus get paid $12000 with all paid travel expenses. Now isn’t that amazing deal?

2. Wine making internship.

Who doesn’t love wine?? And what if you be a part of making it? Won’t you love that? So This small program on the Tenuta di Spannochia organic farm and vineyard in Tuscany (Italy) provides participants with the opportunity to spend three months living, working, enjoying, and falling in love with Tuscany. This includes farm work, keeping vineyards, herding sheep.Field trips include visiting an archeological dig, wine-tasting, and a lunch made entirely of cheeses. Just wow!

3. Spend time deep in seas with Turtle.

All those scuba diving freaks here it is a great opportunity.   The Science Exchange is an organization that offers customized internships for those interested in interning in Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Their internships provide ways for students to gain experience working at sea turtle research centers as well as fieldwork.

4.  Bollywood exploration.

Are you all gaga about Bollywood and want to work here? The Bollywood Film and Media Internship offers a flexible customized program so you can focus yourselves on the areas of the industry that most attracts you. The month-long program includes one-on-one meetings with professionals in the industry, field trips to film sets, daily film-showings, and culminates in the submission of a final project. Go filmy here show off your Bollywood love! 

5. Yoga in peace at Dharamsala.

If you are just keen for yoga and want to teach yoga, then this is a great deal for you. Intern with Maharishi Yoga Vimar Foundation at Dharamsala, India.Interns gain deep knowledge about Yoga with the ace practitioners and deep spirituality and peace of mind. The foundation provides accommodations, food, and other necessities for accepted interns. Amazing, isn’t it?

So what is wait for? Try your luck in these crazy internships and make most of it make you happy.

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