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6 Times Aamir Khan Was Just So ‘Us’ That We Almost Forgot He Is A Perfectionist

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6 Times Aamir Khan Was Just So ‘Us’ That We Almost Forgot He Is A Perfectionist

Correct, diplomatic, hard working, talented, coveted, guarded and kind and above everything a perfectionist, here’s how we describe Aamir Khan to be. Everytime he whispers a movie in our hopes, we make it rage. The man who never counts but assures that we are tired of counting his box office collection, the man who cries and makes us cry too. The man who is never in any awards function except the Oscars, the man we call Aamir Khan.

Today on his birthday, let’s just talk about that part of his personality where he was unapologetic, honest and flawed, not a perfectionist.

1.When Aamir Khan literally cried after every movie screening and had zero F’s to give to those who think men don’t cry.

P.S He even carried a towel during Bajrangi Bhaijaan #Relatable

2. Aamir Khan said – I use to hate you Karan Johar on Karan’s own show Koffee With Karan, we think this was more pure and honest that Kangana’s Nepotism remark, it wasn’t mean, it was real.

3. Aamir Khan calling out the nation intolerant and expressing the fears of his wife wanting to leave India, come on, he was being honest and we proved him so right.

4. Literally flirting and talking sex on the  Koffee With Karan couch this season, the Dangal girls were also left shocked.

We think he was definitely high! #HighOnLife

5. From sporting chiseled body for Gajini to beefed up body in Dangal, he literally has no fears of taking risk.

6. To be the first star in Bollywood industry to take up commercial surrogacy and propagating its success ratio.


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