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Perfect Happiness Dose: 10 Amit Trivedi Tracks To Drive The Blues Away


Perfect Happiness Dose: 10 Amit Trivedi Tracks To Drive The Blues Away

Reveling in the festive spirit, aren’t you? Well, we don’t want to play spoilsport but you know what follows after, don’t you? Yep, it’s them blues! And why just a festive time; the sudden ending of a relationship, professional setbacks, they can happen to you on any random day and make you feel a little blue. Again, we are not trying to be a spoilsport but we just care.

We know how those blues can feel and how difficult it is to get over them. Hence, we thought we’d seek some help from the musical ‘hitman’, Amit Trivedi, and help you get over them blues with some amazing music making that seratonin gush throughout your brain! You might want to make a note, for these songs are the true-blue solutions to beat the blues.


A peppy and upbeat track from Trivedi’s debut as a composer, Chakkar Ghumyo is what ushered in the classic Amit Trivedi sound to Bollywood. Crooned by the composer himself, his husky voice, the upbeat arrangement, the harmonies, the infectious beat and the comical sound of the song is sure to lift your spirits. If nothing else, it will surely bring a smile on your face and make you hit the Replay button after a hear.


Another Amit Trivedi composition and rendition with some similarities with Chakkar Ghumyo, this one has some jazz elements with the trumpets and the piano playing a major role in the composition. But again, the funny lyrics, the female vocal parts and the groove of the song can make you snap out of your blues and get you back to your awesome life.


Going mellow but highly inspirational, Aazadiyaan is therapy for the ears and mind. The uplifting track from an equally uplifting film will inspire you to rise above your blues and worries and get back on track with renewed vigour. The song talks about the sense of freedom that the protagonist in the film experiences after running away from his oppressive father. We bet the cathartic release that you’ll experience with the song will make you feel great.


You know you will get up and start dancing on this one even if you had six left feet! So, what are you waiting for? Plug in and let Trivedi’s merry, celebratory composition and the late Labh Janjua’s heavily Punjabi voice make you dance away the blues.


Okay, the film could give you cinematic blues but you’ve to admit, the saving grace of the film was it’s music, which is catchy AF. The title track, with it’s amazing beginning of Punjabi dhols, will take you right back to the festive spirit and from then onwards it only gets more upbeat, fun and catchy. Oh, and the lyrics could really resonate with you as they ask you to chill out and just enjoy.


Ever felt that light breeze of wind gently touch your face and give you that soothing, refreshing feeling? Hearing Iktaara is exactly that kind of feeling! If you need some calm and inspiration and some empathy to add, play this right away! Sung by Kavita Seth and aided beautifully by lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, the song beautifully expresses the nervousness and happiness associated when you fall in love for the first time. Want the best effect? Head out for a nice long drive and play this in your car as you drive. We guarantee your blues will be a thing of the past!


The first thing you need when you are feeling down and blue is the desire to start fresh, make a renewed beginning and be assured that the future holds great promise. Well, in short, you need to listen to Shubh Aarambh from Kai Po Che. An eclectic fusion of dandiya beats with Irish bag pipes and a whole lot of optimism, the song is as uplifting as it is groovy and will be sure to induce a strut in your walk as you sail through the song.


Okay, this might seem like an eccentric choice but hey, those blues make you all lazy and cringy, right? Why not inject a dose of some energetic rock, Amit Trivedi style and blow those blues away! Chitta Ve is here to offer you just that! And if you wanted to know how rapping can sound really good, without talking about women, sex, party, vodka, blue eyes and DJs while still talking about drugs, listen to Babu Haabi! Realistic lyrics, foot tapping music and heart thumping beats! There’s your anti-blues recipe!


In a similar vein as Shubh Aarambh, Manja talks about an optimistc attitude towards life and about assuring oneself that they will handle all obstacles that come in front of them. The peaceful melody and the overall arrangement can well remind you of A R Rahman’s compositions. That’s how good it is! Again, it is the lyrics that are a vital part of the song, stating, ‘Suljha lenge uljhe rishto ka manja’. Now, if that isn’t poetry, what is!


This is another case of Amit Trivedi’s music carrying a film on it’s shoulders instead of the film’s story. Sung by Benny Dayal and Anushka Manchanda, the peppy song talks about letting go and having some fun. It is highly likely to make you call your BFF and head out for some shopping or just some goofing out. You will also be bopping your head incessantly to the track’s beats.

Well, we guess after festivities blues or for that matter any kind of blues are no problem any more, right? Just keep that playlist ready, baaki all is well!

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