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8 Whacky Bucket List Ideas, How Many Did You Complete Already?


8 Whacky Bucket List Ideas, How Many Did You Complete Already?

Life is incomplete without a bizarre bucket list! Yes it is a truth which people all over the world are understanding. If you are not aware about what a bucket list is, then let me tell you that a bucket list is the list of things which people wants to complete before they die. It can be termed as a checklist of the wishes which you want to get fulfilled. Every person has certain things which they want to experience & explore once in their life. Let’s see few weird bucket lists which people want to accomplish in their lifetime.

1) Adventurous Bungee Jumping:

‘ Darr ke aage jeet hain’ goes very well with bungee jumping. If you want to feel the adrenaline rush of falling down from a height & watching the world upside down then bungee jumping will surely be on your list bucketlist. The thrill & the spectacular sight of nature when you do bungee jumping at Nevis Queenstown & Victoria Falls is something which will fulfill your purpose of including Bungee Jumping in your bucketlist.

2) Feed a lion:

Feeding animals is really a fun. But when it comes to feeding a lion you definitely need courage to do that! Many people like feeding animals as it gives them immense pleasure to provide food to creatures who are more sensible & loving then humans. If you want to experience this feeling at the same time want to add excitement in your whole experience then visit a wild life sanctuary & dare to feed a lion. It will surely give you goose bumps along with everlasting memories.

3) Swim with Dolphins:

If you want to discover underwater life & swim with the most friendly marine animal then swimming with dolphins is a must for you. Many people have swimming with dolphins at top of their bucketlist as no one wants to miss the opportunity of swimming with these exotic & friendly fish. When you take dolphin swim program you would be taught of how to kiss & fin shake from Dolphins. Isn’t it sounds exciting? If yes then you should definitely go for swimming with these friendliest & fascinating creatures.

4) Watching a live volcano:

I might be sounding crazy but watching a live volcano is a sight to be behold. Watching the erupting magma from the earth’s crust is really an outstanding experience. Those who are adventurous & want adrenaline pumping experience then watching an erupting volcano from close proximity is always on their bucketlist. If you want to watch this extra ordinary view then you should head towards Kilauea Mountains at Hawaii.

5) Participate in a Triathlon:

Now this is something interesting. Taking a break from your schedule & Participating in an interesting sport such as triathlon will help you to make a bucket full of memories. Triathlon is a group of three events such as biking, cycling & swimming which is undertaken one after the other without any break. Give a boost to your boring routine by participating in a Triathlon. If you don’t know anyone of these activities then learn it & try to complete this event. It’s not always necessary to win but sometimes experience is what will give you immense pleasure.

6) Visit Iceland & make a quirky snowman:

Imagine how wonderful it would be to visit the coldest place on the earth. The temperature in minus will freeze your hands and at the same time you will make a beautiful snowman in the snow. Snowfall from the sky & freezed snow on the ground what a combination. If you are a snow lover then making snowman in Iceland should be on your bucketlist. P.S: Don’t forget to carry extra warm clothes with you otherwise there can be the chances of your body becoming an ice cream!

7) Having a conversation with a stranger:

Our parents always tell us that it is not safe to interact with strangers but it’s not the same case always. Sometimes a conversation with a stranger can give you memories for lifetime. So if you happen to visit any unknown place or even at any public place or social gathering & any stranger wants to interact with you then don’t be afraid start conversation with them & see if you get to know something interesting from them as you never know what new thing you will learn by interacting with that stranger.

8) Create a piece of art & sell them:

Well you don’t always need to be an artist to do something creative. If you want to test your creative juices & make a creative artwork then it is never too late. Open your You tube, search the kind of artwork you want to create & try to make it without creating much mess, after the artwork is complete and you feel you want to feel the excitement of selling your first artwork then take part in an exhibition or set up a stall in a market & showcase your unique masterpiece with an appropriate rates. Try & sell it to people & if it didn’t got sold then don’t get upset as you have fulfill your wish of creating something unique & have showcased it in front of people.

The list of wishes or experiences which people may want to accomplish is infinite. But these are the things which people would definitely wish to fulfill atleast once in a lifetime. We always do common things in our life but getting out of the box & doing something more thrilling & bizarre is what will give you some unforgettable memories. If you don’t have a bucket list then I would suggest making one now! & don’t forget to include these wacky things in your bucket list to make it more unique.

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