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Kangana Bears Her Soul About Being An Intimidating Woman And More In this Interview With Mid- Day!


Kangana Bears Her Soul About Being An Intimidating Woman And More In this Interview With Mid- Day!

One has to admire Kangana Ranaut’s courage and her willingness to commit to her opinion, regardless of social opinion. The actress speaks her mind and walks her talk, with an unapologetic pride. And now, in a recent interview to Mid- Day, Kangana talked about her image of being an ‘intimidating woman’ amongst other subjects.

While her contemporaries like Deepika and Priyanka are busy sashaying in the West and promoting their Hollywood debuts aggressively, for Kangana, Hollywood is more of a bait. As she opines, “It would be stupid for anyone to make the move to the West now. Their theater business is crashing because of the influx of didgital media. Asia, on the other hand, is where Hollywood was 15 years ago. It’s a lucrative time for entertainment here. These are baits I won’t fall prey to.”
“If an American film is making 100 crore, and not all of our films are able to, we may not find adequate screens for home- bred films 10 years down the line. I’m all for world cinema, but it needs to be a film that brings employment and money into our country. I don’t wish to offer myself on a platter to another industry.”

Kangana said, “Women are raised to believe they are healers. They can only nurture. People appreciate the goody two- shoes. Even the most successful women want to be liked by others. It’s fine if they can’t look themselves in the eye, but the world should see them as the epitome of holiness. They (her colleagues) don’t stand up for themselves, forget doing it for others.”

“Intimidating women aren;t worth having sex with. Bold, stubborn women, who are achievers, are desirable only to those who are strong and assured. (For some men) it’s frightening to handle a woman who can soeak her mind. Thankfully, that’s not true of everyone. Courage is often endearing and rare.”

” I was dragged into court for being who I am. I was restricted to a relationship that was carried out behind closed doors and I fought it fair and square. People can talk rubbish, but they can’t decide how I lead my life. I felt stigmatized. I would wake up to media reports of hideous mails, which I hadn’t written. I am a certified screenwriter from the New York Film Academy. I don’t write such crap.”
Someone I once shared a beautiful equation with did it…and with sich malive. It hurt me. I refused. I never completely understood the story- who was impersonating whom? I was threatened that horrifying secrets about me would be revealed. My parents were concerned for my safety, but I couldn’t bear it quietly. There was a group of jealous hats wandering aroubd him (Hrithik), using him to aim vengeance at me. The film industry is a lovely place. They really acred for me. Prove what you are claiming and then I may apologize. I won’t stand bullying.”

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