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Crowdfunded Indian LGBTQ Film Aspires For A Cannes Premiere!


Crowdfunded Indian LGBTQ Film Aspires For A Cannes Premiere!

Big dreams don’t always require a lot of money to bear fruition. Sometimes, it’s just sheer effort that takes you to the finish point. And this is exactly what the team of Sisak, a crowdfunded LGBTQ film has proved.
Sisak, which claims to be the “country’s first silent LGBTQ film”, is now aspiring for a premiere at the prestigious Cannes festival. The film explores a love story between two strangers, set in Mumbai’s local trains of all places! The silent factor comes into play here because there is not a single word exchanged between the lovers throughout the course of the film!
The trailer of the film was unveiled by actress Sonam Kapoor, who is a Cannes regular herself, on social media.
The writer- director of Sisak, Faraz Arif Ansari, has studied filmmaking from America and has literally given his everything to make the film. He exhausted all of his savings into the production of the film after it was turned down by several studios for having a “taboo subject”. That was when the crowdfunding site, Wishberry, cames to Ansari’s rescue and his crowdfunding call on the website got a whopping investment of 6,000 $ from 109 supporters. Faraz completed the film in nine months, after which he used the funds to pay his cast and crew.
Faraz is now hoping for the best platform for the film’s premiere. “Fingers crossed…After (Cannes) , it travels to festivals across the world and India.” A special 15 minute cut of the original 20 minute film has been readied for the event. Theaters across India will also host paid previews for the film post its festival phase.
But all this has not come easy for Ansari. From his actors refusing to portray gay characters to the locations, there were problems galore. As he says, “I think while I was writing Sisak, I was aware what a massive challenge it was going to be at each and every level.”
Ansari and his crew shot the film in guerilla style, sans any permission from the civic authorities. The film is probably the first dedicated effort towards portraying gay love and relationships. Barring the recent Aligarh, there have been hardly any films that have had a gay protagonist.

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