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Revealed: Justin Bieber’s Unique Way Of Falling Out Of Love Or Rather Getting Over It!


Revealed: Justin Bieber’s Unique Way Of Falling Out Of Love Or Rather Getting Over It!

When you fall out of love, its different, its mutual, its no hard feelings zone but when you’re newly broken off party, both need the right amount of time and space to deal away with these unrequited feelings, however we have a distinctive way of getting over that bad Break-up! But the super-hit popstar Justin Bieber has a very unique way of handling things that dont go his way, not to mention he is afterall the Biebs!

After giving out his opinions very much to the point of being mocking towards the new buzzcut of The Weekend, the current flame of the ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He decided that rather than eating a tub full of icecreams and sitting down with a bunch if beer bottles or crying away while watching a subtle Break-up movie, its much more intelligent and interesting to watch a psychological thriller and get over that mentally cligy feeling of being ditched by eating out.

Yes! Our Bieber has a very different way of going at it, this Canadian- born singer was seen at the local cinema in Westwood, California. According to some showbiz reports, the singer bought a ticket to an evening show of James McAvoy’s latest film, Split. It just doesn’t end there, our guy has a serious addiction to eating out those emotions, which is like so much like us! Totally relatable Biebs! So, as his bodyguards waited outside, He reportedly ordered for three Jack and Cokes, a flatbread as well as croquettes and I think he got it all wrong but asked the ‘chef’ who is apparently the guy behind the food counter to whip him up some nachos – which was totally off the menu! Our biebs is so demanding, but when you’re down and all low due to broke love, well u get all the rights to be babied!!

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