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Beauty and the Beast Releases New Character Motion Posters!


Beauty and the Beast Releases New Character Motion Posters!

Beauty and the Beast might be a tale as old as time, but Disney is sparing no expense in making the posters as amazing and exciting as the live-action is going to be.

The studio had dropped new motion posters on Thursday that show the characters posing and moving as their more classic fairytale counterparts. Since they have roughly ten seconds to themselves, we get to see a little bit of the character’s personality. Not only that, the film’s costumes are on display and they all look incredible.

As the titular characters of the film, Emma Watson and Dan Evans aren’t the only ones who have their own posters. Many of the other characters outdo them in their own posters. I mean, just watch Luke Evans seduce that camera with those eyes and that smile. These posters, however, aren’t the only thing we’ll be getting to see before the actual movie is unveiled on March 17. Disney plans on releasing the final trailer on Monday, Jan 30.

Check out the motion posters.

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