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Shah Rukh Khan Calls Himself ‘Brand Ambassador For Women’


Shah Rukh Khan Calls Himself ‘Brand Ambassador For Women’

We all know girls and women of any age are smitten by Shah Rukh Khan all thanks to his poise behavior, smile, dimples, and charisma. The superstar has not only been ruling the Bollywood industry from last 25 years, he has managed to rule the hearts of many women. In fact, he is still doing the same. From Preity Zinta to Deepika Padukone, these lovely actresses entered Bollywood working opposite to him. The actresses have made their powerful mark in their careers in the film industry.

SRK has worked with the women of all ages. He worked with Alia Bhatt, who is just 23 years old; now he will be seen opposite to Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. As reported by HT, when King Khan was asked how he feels to work with such beautiful young ladies, he said, “Actually, every actor does that (work with younger heroines). Somehow, only I get talked and written about (laughs). I know some actors who have worked with much younger heroines than my co-stars. But maybe because I am a romantic hero, it becomes a thing or maybe heroines are so important in my films that they make it a thing (sic).”

Shah Rukh Khan was unofficially considered as the brand ambassador of promoting  younger talent. To this the superstar says, “I am a brand ambassador for women (in general), not younger women. I’d like to believe that and I am very proud of it.” The dimpled actor states that in movies like Chennai Express, Chak De! India, Dear Zindagi, Pardes, My Name Is Khan, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Toh Pagal Hai and more to his credit, women had played an integral part. SRK says that he hopes it continues in future.

The FAN actor says, “I’ve made a concentrated effort to make sure that all my career — may be barring a couple of films that were action oriented — that the lady plays a more important part in my film. I like talking, in my own subtle way, about women being the hero in my film – whether it’s a comedy film like Chennai Express or an important film like Chak De India, or for that matter, slice of life movie like Dear Zindagi.”

Even we think he is a brand ambassador for women as he supports woman, is raised by an independent working mother, always supported girls in their endeavors, encouraged his wife to pursue her dreams not by choice but in freedom, worked with woman directors no matter what, give actresses credit in the name roll before his own name, and is a king of romance plus a gentleman.

On the professional front, his film Raees in releasing on January 25.


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