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2017 Is Here, Let’s Take A Step Towards A Healthier Life And Here’s A Beginner’s Guide


2017 Is Here, Let’s Take A Step Towards A Healthier Life And Here’s A Beginner’s Guide

We have crossed milestone of one more year & have entered into freshly bloomed 2017. With the start of New Year come new resolutions & goals which we want to accomplish in the present year. Let’s see some of the healthy resolutions which we should make this year to make 2017 a healthier year than 2016.

1) Spend more time with family & friends:

Work & other commitments are important but this doesn’t mean that we ignore our friends & family. This New Year make resolution to spend more time with your friends & family members. Make time to meet your friends even if that means letting your clothes go unwashed for a while, or driving through a jam for over an hour. There will always be commitments that will make you cancel coffee dates with your friends but don’t forget that people with close friends are more capable to handle tough situations in life than those who are solitary. Work & love life can’t be ignored but we can definitely remove sometime for our family after all family & friends come first.

2) Don’t eat to make someone else happy:

“ Eat healthy stay healthy”, is the motto which you should fulfill this year. While you should not beat yourself up over high calorie foods, you should also not feel guilty denying a high-calorie snack that will upset your health goals. In short, do not eat something just to please someone; however, a meal served with love could be an exception. Follow your diet properly but sometimes doing cheating with your diet is allowed.

3) Use your resources:

When you are on a weight loss journey, it can get lonely. But you are not alone anymore. You have your smartphone, which brings you closer to a wide range of applications that help you stick to your goal. These applications include Healthify me and MyFitnessPal along with apps like FitBit which are connected to your fitness band to help you track your progress

4) Avoid eating painkillers:

Painkillers are bad for our health. Not only do they lead to physical dependence but there are also a number of unpleasant side effects associated with painkiller addiction, starting from mild ones like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, to dangerous ones like higher risk of a heart attack. Avoid eating painkillers regularly to deal with minor health problems as Painkillers can cause major health risk

5) Try to prepare atleast meal of one time on your own:

We all have busy schedules and often it gets tough to make even one time meal for us. But Making one meal on your own not only makes it healthy (because you are aware of the quantities involved), but also helps you unwind. So choose any meal and fix it, it can be your snack as well.

So Welcome 2017 with more healthy resolutions
P.S: Resolutions are made to be fulfilled & not be broken…

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