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This Artist Will Make You Want To Have An Animated Harry Potter Series!


This Artist Will Make You Want To Have An Animated Harry Potter Series!

The Harry Potter fandom seems alive as ever. What with the new Fantastic Beasts movie and everything else that’s happening, the fandom isn’t going to calm down any sooner. Because of the creative genius JK Rowling, there has been an overflow of material, from fan-fiction to fan-art, it’s all there and it’s too good. Fans all over the world wait for updates from their favorite artists all the time. And now, fans want an animated series for their favorite movie.

Thanks to Stephen Byrne, who shared an amazing image of the Harry Potter cast, who highlighted the entire cast of Harry Potter in a cartoonish version, keeping the heroes – Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley – right in the center with all the others on the side.

I mean, you can’t ignore beautiful Tonks with her hair all brightly coloured and Hedwig with her pristine white feathers. Even beloved Dobby and Nearly Headless Nick comes in the ensemble.

When fans saw the image, they went wild. They started asked Stephen if he’s actually going to make an animated series about the books, and many requested him to make one. Stephen, who has worked on Civil War II and Green Arrow, commented that he would personally love to see an animated series on the book.

Who knows? With the way things are going, we might get to see an animated short Harry Potter film ahead of the premier of the next Fantastic Beasts movie. Who wouldn’t want to see Rowling‘s stories being brought to life that way?


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