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Swami Om’s Disgusting Act With Lopa Is A Crime That Is Punishable


Swami Om’s Disgusting Act With Lopa Is A Crime That Is Punishable

Bigg Boss Show has handled many weird contestants in the past season but it seems like Swami Om is one Character who is uncontrollable. Time to time Swami Om has proved that he is a one huge piece of shit. He has again and again proved that he don’t deserve to live in the house but Bigg Boss makers are still allowing him to stay in the house. We get it he’s ‘controversial’ and bringing in the TRPS but that doesn’t mean that he will be entertained in house even after peeing in kitchen, passing  derogatory comments on women, breaking the bathroom door or getting physical with  other contestants.

Bigg Boss has warned him many a times before, not only makers but also Salman Khan and Housemates have requested him, warned him but now his nonsense behavior has reached on another level. In the past two days we saw for the first time that big boss has lashed out on some one so harshly.

Swami Om

When the task re-began Om went much too far and touched Lopamudra improperly.  Lopa and Om Swami got into a fight and it ended with Om pulling up Lopa’s dress.

Can you believe that?

At that point the task was canceled by Bigg Boss, Lopa lashed out at Om for touching her improperly, yet as opposed to being sorry, this scum of a man rather advised her avoid wearing short dresses also as usual Swami continued his rant that it was Lopa who was trying to touch and push him.

This crap hit the fan and every one including housemates ganged up against Om and warned him not to remark on anybody’s clothes. Manveer Gurjar, Rohan and Gaurav were particularly very pissed with Om.

It is a high time when some serious action should be taken against him or else it will set an example for other upcoming seasons contestants.

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