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7 Anika (Ishqbaaz) Approved Words We Need To Include In Our Diction


7 Anika (Ishqbaaz) Approved Words We Need To Include In Our Diction

Don’t really tell us that you guys haven’t yet watched Ishqbaaz on Star Plus. If you haven’t then you guys should definitely switch on the TV sharp at 10 pm on Star Plus and watch this serial which is all about FUN, Friendship and ISHQBAAZI. The romance between Shivaay and Anika is brewing real hot, what we really love is that Anika has some cute diction in the serial which we kind off got used to. So we thought we all should have these interesting words in our daily conversation.

P.S Anika aka Surchi Chandna is a cutie, isn’t she? 

1. Raita Phail Gaya 

Basically when something goes wrong.

2. Michmichi 

That disgusting feeling.

3. Tadi/Tadibaaz 

The one who shows a lot of attitude

4. Bagad Billa 

A mad person who is extremely aggressive.

5. Chipde 

Someone who is creepy as hell.

6. Kanji Ankhon Wale

The person with grey/blue eyes  

7. Chant 

A smart ass with a working brain

Image result for ishqbaaz gifs

8. China Wali Paneer / Saira Bano for Americano 

Basically chinese dishes and Expresso coffee.

 Can you tell us which ones are your fav?

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