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Apart from Dialogues Here’s Small Details That Reveal A Lot About ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’


Apart from Dialogues Here’s Small Details That Reveal A Lot About ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’

The trailer for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is out! And there’s a lot of news about the movies killer dialogues and the way the actresses look, how hot Ranbir and Fawad look in the trailer and how beautiful Anushka and Aishwarya look. But there isn’t just that in a movie that really pushes it forward, you know.

It’s what you feel when you look at a scene altogether. What you get just from the setting. Let’s not forget that in movies, setting, props, locations play an important part in adding into what you feel about the whole scene.

So here are a few things I noticed that talk a lot about the movie and the characters as well.

The mountains

To me, this almost like a parody of all those songs that take place in cold snow-covered mountains with the heroin in a scanty saree and the guy dressed inappropriately for the weather as well. But instead of celebrating their love in the cold breeze, I feel like they’re celebrating their friendship. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air, though.

The calmness of Love

Here, we see five scenes, all set in different places, but they’re conveying one single thing and that’s the calmness that love tends to bring to you. Not just in the form of a man and woman, but also in the form of friends. The setting of road, supermarket, home, window ledge, and bed all signify peace and calm and quiet can be achieved through love wherever you are, as long as you’re with them. And I guess since the movie is about love, these places would play a huge role in making the movie that much more interesting.

The right atmosphere for love

Yeah, this scene is set in a house. In a fairly large house. Maybe to show loneliness but when you contrast it with what’s happening in the scene, it’s apparent that because of Ranbir, Aishwarya isn’t alone anymore. Her home isn’t lonely anymore. And also, her house is big and is the perfect setting for something like this. So maybe she was a lonely soul. But Ranbir changed all of that.

Ranbir’s f**k-all attitude

This particular scene shows so much. Take a look at the settings. They’re definitely at someone’s wedding. Maybe Anushka’s? And they both are dressed up to the tee in shalwars and lehengas, they’re in a dressing room, and then Ranbir just flips Anushka, with henna on his own hands and with her all dressed up and crying at the same time. It’s a contrast to what’s supposed to be the atmosphere at the time, and if this was just some location other than what looks like a wedding, it wouldn’t have been this impacting.

Friendship at it’s best

This is what it’s like to have best friends. everyday is a party. Everyday is a day that makes you happy and nothing is boring. The fact that’s what looks like a concert makes it all the more better. The jumping, confetti, people screaming and hooting is an exhilarating sight and it really makes you get lost in the characters as well as the mood they’re in.


This is what lust is. Clubs are notorious for this kind of thing and the fact that nobody around them cares shows that they are in their pwn world, lost in each others presence so deeply that nothing else around them even seems to make sense anymore. Everybody around them is only dancing while they’re writing a story with each others eye onto their bodies. Sorry, got lost in the word porn again.


Civil conflict, I guess. He repeats the line that Ash says in a way that almost challenges Anushka to come up and ask for his love instead. And yes, they’re having a civil talk here, they’re somewhere that is respectable and they’re sitting like a couple being interviewed, yes. But they’re trying to be civil human beings here and then Ranbir says that in that tone and it’s all a little too personal suddenly, right? Even the setting is supposed to relax everyone, but that clearly doesn’t happen. In fact, after what he says, it becomes tad bit intimidating to sit there.


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