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Is HiddleSwift More Than Just a Publicity Stunt?


Is HiddleSwift More Than Just a Publicity Stunt?

The infamous trickster Tom Hiddleston and the “Shake It Off” singer Taylor Swift are getting serious. After they were found locking lips for the first time at the beach near Taylor‘s Rhode Island home, the couple has since blown up the internet, what with going to Rome and visiting Tom’s mother in London and now it really looks like this is more than just a publicity stunt.

35-year-old Tom Hiddleston was seen departing New England on Taylor‘s private jet and arriving at Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to People. He had on him an overnight bag and a gift bag. Why would he have a gift bag? For Swift’s parents?

A source close to the publication revealed, “[Swift and Hiddleston] enjoyed a quiet weekend at her Rhode Island home. Taylor sent her plane to pick up Tom before the weekend.” Swift was even there to greet her honey at the on the plane when he arrived at the airport in Rhode Island.

And she and her parents had a lovely time with the actor at her Watch Hill mansion. Taylor also spent time with Tom‘s mother in London in June, when she hopped onto her private jet to go to England.

The couple was reunited after weeks of being apart due to their busy schedules. Tom has been busy filming for the third installment of Thor: The Ragnarok in Australia.

Nice way to reunite, right?

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