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Mumbai Diaries: 10 Marathi Words Mumbaikar Swears By!


Mumbai Diaries: 10 Marathi Words Mumbaikar Swears By!

Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city also accepts several  languages such as Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, English, Telugu, Konkani, Dangii, Varhadii and Hindi. Marathi language has got its Dominance over all languages.

But is it pure marathi which mumbaikar speaks? No…Its Mumbaiya Hindi. 

Mumbai meri jaan

Yes you heard it right!Due to numerous immigrants from other parts of the Cities/States/ Country, a new form of language is spoken in the city known as the ‘Mumbaiya’  version of Hindi. This form of language  is used in various Bollywood movies.

So here are the 10 swear words we Mumbaikar use and hear daily:

1] Saala

Literal meaning: Wife’s Brother

Sentence: Sala khudko shana samajta he!

2] Cha-ayla/Tuja aai la

Literal meaning:To your Mother

Sentence:  Chaayla yeda samaj ke rakha he kya

3] Tuja aaicha Gho

Literal meaning:Your mother’s Husband

Sentence: Aaicha gho,aaj gharpe mera band bajega

4] Tuja nanachi tang

Literal meaning: Your GrandFather’s leg

Sentence:Tuja nanachi tang, aaya badha amir baaap ki aulat

5] Aaichya gavat

Literal meaning:In mothers village

Sentence: Aaichya gavat, aaj bhi train late he

6] Aata majhi satakli

Literal meaning: My mind has moved

Sentence: Aata majhi satakli, aaj iska game Nakki he

7] Hathi cha maila

Literal meaning: Elephants mother/Go away

Sentence: Hathi cha maaila, Bevda kahika

8] Ghanta

Literal meaning: Bell

Sentence: Arre Ghanta, Kuch nahi likha exam me

9] Yede

Literal meaning: Mad

Sentence: Yede ke mafik Nachrela he tu

10] Chya Maari topi

Literal meaning:Hitting with Cap

Sentence: Chya maari topi, Aya tha  bada Hero banne

It is safe to say that Mumbai is a multi-lingual city and entertains anyone and everyone.

Lemme know more words in the comments because

"Oh mama mama mama, ham saare hain mumbaiya
 Ham betaale bhee milake, taal me naache ta thaiyya
 Oh lala oh lala, ham pite mastee kaa pyaala
 Gopaala gopaala khul jaaye kismat kaa taala
 Pichhe mudke dekh raha kyu, keh de naa kai jhaala"


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