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This Man Recreated His Wedding Photos With His Daughter And The Results Are Tearful Smiles


This Man Recreated His Wedding Photos With His Daughter And The Results Are Tearful Smiles

Love has no language of expressions, its pure and giving. This is what Ben believes in. Ben, a doting father and a loving husband did something really special in memory of his late wife.

Ben and Ali Nunery got married in 2009 but sadly their marriage did not last longer as Ali died of lung cancer in the year 2011. Though their marriage was short-lived, their love wasn’t. Ali and Ben had a cute little daughter Olivia.

After his wife’s death, Ben thought of moving to a new place along with his daughter and that’s when he thought of this idea. Ben wanted to recreate the old memorable photos which he had clicked with wife when they had shifted in their home just after their wedding.


’I wanted to show people through these photographs that although I had lost my wife, this wasn’t the whole story — this was also a story of love, as well as pain and loss’, said Ben.


This photo shows Ben and Ali Wedding photo in 2009 and on the right side Ben poses along with his daughter Olivia in 2013.


That home was the place where it all began. Ben wanted his daughter to always remember the house where she began her life.


The photos were clicked by Ben’s older sister Melanie. The family wanted these photos to be in good memories and not the sad ones.


This photo was when Olivia was playing with her mother Ali’s cyrkers while in the previous photo it was Ali who was all gearing up for her wedding day.


‘Our memory of Ali doesn’t live in this house; it’s in our hearts’, said Ben.


This is Olivia’s Glass Angel Mom


While taking photographs suddenly a white feather came and fell in the hands of Olivia. This feather fell from nowhere and Ali’s sister believes that this is Ali’s way of showering love on her daughter and husband. She is happy and in peace.


Ben plays the same song which he had played in his wedding with Ali. The song is by Stevie Wonder and Ben played on the ukelele for his daughter.


’Whatever happens, Olivia will always know that there is a place where I was the happiest man on Earth — even if it didn’t last for very long.’


Isn’t this the most heart touching father-daughter relationship? We think so and we are so happy that Ben chose to share this with all of us. We totally understand his pain, loss but amidst the dark clouds, this man chose to smile. God bless him and his family.

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