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Rahul Raj Singh Confirmed That Pratyusha Banerjee Had Undergone Abortion


Rahul Raj Singh Confirmed That Pratyusha Banerjee Had Undergone Abortion

We weren’t expecting this but looks like the Pratyusha Banerjee case is the most controversial suicide case in the history of TV industry. Pratyusha, who was a sweet simple girl has indeed being cheated so badly that today she ended her life and her dark truths are all coming out.

It was only when JJ Hospital confirmed her pregnancy and a possible abortion that made the police question her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. The accused in the case, Rahul Raj was interrogated and that’s when he admitted that Pratyusha had undergone the abortion and the couple had mutually agreed upon this since both were not married and were having a live-in relationship. They both thought about the future and took the decision.

Rahul told Bombay Times, “After she told me that she had missed her periods, we went to the doctor for the pregnancy test. However, we mutually decided to abort it since we were not married and only living in together. I went with her to the doctor for the abortion, but since there was a long waiting, she told me to leave. I, in fact, went the following day to the same doctor to get medicines prescribed for her. We decided to terminate the pregnancy thinking about our future as we were planning to get married in November.”

He hasn’t revealed anything more than that. Well, Rahul Raj is the chief accuser in this suicide case since Pratyusha’s friend kept claiming that the actress had a troubled relationship and that could be the only reason behind such a big step. Rahul even tried giving a false statement earlier on the reports of pregnancy that Pratyusha was not pregnant and it was all made up a story but somehow he has not admitted.


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