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Katrina Kaif, Isn’t House Hunting For Herself, Than For Whom?


Katrina Kaif, Isn’t House Hunting For Herself, Than For Whom?

Reportedly, Katrina Kaif threatened photographers following her while she was hunting for a new house in Bandra on Sunday night. Now the story has a new angle to it. Katrina wasn’t searching the house for herself, but helping someone. That’s correct..!

Out of nowhere, reports started pouring in about how Katrina Kaif has been on a house hunting mode with manager and good friend Reshma Shetty. Soon, there were murmurs that it was Salman Khan who asked Reshma to help Katrina find a house. Now for beginners, most of us will believe it, knowing Salman‘s strong bond with Kat. But it’s far from being true. Yes, it’s true that Katrina was spotted with Reshma looking for new flats but it wasn’t for her. It was for Reshma instead. Yes, the celebrity manager is also looking for a nice space for herself and wanted Katrina to help her out. Given that Kat has a very keen artistic sense of home decor and interior designing, we aren’t surprised.

But for all those who felt that Katrina is still not over Ranbir and is looking for a new home, it certainly isn’t true. She’s vacated their love nest and has also moved back to her old apartment in Guldev Sagar.

We believe all the other speculations and stories will finally be put down to rest!

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