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6 Hindi Statements That Mandana Karimi Made It Famous With Her Style


6 Hindi Statements That Mandana Karimi Made It Famous With Her Style

You got to enter in the Mandana Karimi zone before you read this article. Oh! we don’t mean the other way, we just want you all to give your hindi a major make over with Mandana’s tadka. Yes, we all saw her in Bigg Boss 9 and we literally tolerated her hindi eventually falling in love with it. Her hindi has become so famous that our own diciton has taken a back seat and we all speak alike Mandana. Here are 6 Hindi Statements That Mandana Karimi totally owned it in Bigg Boss 9 house:

Mandana-Karimi-New-0071. Marryy Hasab Syy

Whenever Mandana has her ‘vishesh’ tipni she would always start like ‘Maryy Hasab Syy”

Mandana-Karimi-New-0052. BoozeDil Ho Tum Sab

Now what exactly she meant by ‘Booze’ we don’t know but that kind off sounded cute rather than harsh.

Mandana-Karimi-New-0033. Aap Ko Malum Hai Kyu?

Nahi Mandana, nahi malum!! Well, that’s Mandana’s signature line to begin a conversation, ahem, we mean argument.

Mandana-Karimi-New-0024. Agarrrrr

We all have our ‘Agar’ but Mandana has her special one and its ‘Agarrrrr’ with an elongated stretch.

Mandana-Karimi-New-00875. Yah Log Nalayak Hyy

Absolutely Mandana, we are with you in this one!!

Mandana-Karimi-New6. Yah Gundaa Hyy Gundaa

We all remember when Mandana called the cool group ‘Gundas’ and the way she said was EPIC!!

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