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5 Bollywood Movies That Have Changed The Perception Of A Typical INDIAN Woman


5 Bollywood Movies That Have Changed The Perception Of A Typical INDIAN Woman

Indian woman have been depicted to be dependent, an element to be married off as soon as possible, a


The movie starts with an Indian woman’s marriage being called off. Instead of crying over, she chose a path to discover the independent self and realize her strengths.


A modern Indian woman married to the love of her life. Somewhere she has a fear of her being a woman coming forward everytime, instead of facing it, she runs away from her fears but how long? When she looses her husband, she finds her courage to fight back.

English-Vinglish3. English Vinglish

A married Indian woman who is serving her family as a typical housewife. She is constantly under the criticism of not knowing to speak english. Instead of living with her shortcomings, she overcomes it to realize how much of a strong personality she possess.

Highway4. Highway

Being a victim of Child abuse, she was born and brought up in the high profile society where social image defines your identity. She kept her silence, her pain hidden inside her until she was kidnapped by these goons. She realized the real freedom, she blossomed herself into a strong individual.

Piku5. Piku

A young adolescent modern independent daughter dealing with her aging father with constipation and her career. In between the two somewhere she looses herself and her freedom. As she sets on a road trip with her father, she treads on the path of her freedom.

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