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Kangana Ranaut Was Physically Abused By Someone From Bollywood Industry


Kangana Ranaut Was Physically Abused By Someone From Bollywood Industry

Kangana Ranaut‘s revelations always makes one thing clear – not everything that glitters is gold. This dare to say attitude of hers is always the headline of every news. We don’t blame her for being blatantly so honest about herself, we are rather thankful.

Kangana Ranaut as we know, has told us about her struggle in the industry, the kind of manipulations that goes behind the glamor and so much more. Well, now she took a step furthur and revealed another very shameful thing about her experience from the industry.

At Barkha Dutt’s recent book launch, Kangana Ranaut was very candidly bold to admit that she was a victim of brutal physical abuse by a renowned man from the B-Town.

She said that the man was of her father’s age and he hit her so hard on the head that she bled profusely. In her defense she too attacked him with her sandal and he too bled. She even went and lodged FIR against him but they police just warned and released the man. Now that’s when she realized that people won’t really come forward and help you when you need it, its you who got to stand strong in difficult times.

We don’t really need to dwell hard to guess the name as we know our readers are smart enough to guess that.

We wish Kangana Ranaut to be bolder and stronger than even before. Way to go.

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