19 Turkish Dramas, Other Than Ertugrul, That You Need To Binge-Watch ASAP!

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As people are opening up to various other series from various other countries and cultures Turkish dramas are climbing the fence slowly. They came in and swept everyone off of their feet with the quality and the storylines and the beautiful settings and locations that the shows were shot in.

So here are just some Turkish dramas that you need to start watching this very second:

1. Ishq e Mamnoon

The story of a much-aged man falling in love with the daughter of the woman who longs for him, “Ishq e Mamnoon” takes us on a quest of forbidden love and relationships.

2.Fatima Gul

“Fatima Gul” was a hurtful story of those who use their power to get their way around, and how those toys with real people and affects their lives.

3. “Intikaam”

The Turkish adaptation of the ABC TV series “Revenge”, “Intikaam” pursues the life of Yağmur Özden, who wants to avenge her father’s imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit, and his untimely death in prison. She is set to get back at everyone who had done her father wrong.

4. “Aik Pyaar Kahaani”

How a small-time conman, in Australia. battles to make ends meet falls in love, and finds his birth mother, in Korea. Only to find out that she is a very popular artist and was incredibly well off. A story of love, sacrifice, heartbreak and selflessness, “Aik Pyaar Kahaani” is a heartbreaker.

5. “20 Minute”

The perfect family gets disrupted after the mother is imprisoned and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Her husband tries everything he can in his power to clear her name.

6. “Feriha”

This heartbreaking saga of a woman trying to fit into a society where status is everything, falling in love and then dying for the one she loves, is quite an emotional roller coaster.

7. “Asi”

The show goes around the families of Asi and Demir, and how they try to figure out the intricacies of life

8. “Umeed”

The story of how a young woman’s life is entirely turned around upon meeting a man at a hair salon.

9. “Sheharzaad”

“Sheharzaad” revolves around how a mother is inclined to go to any lengths to protect and take care of her child

10. “Dirilis”

This medieval show takes place in the 13th century and centres around the Ottoman Empire and the Mongol invasion.

11. “Elif”

The heartbreaking story of a child’s separation from her mother

12. “Fareb – Ek Haseen Dhoka”

The particular love triangle is at play in this show. A girl who has lost everything doesn’t know that she might have a chance at a normal life with a family she had no notion about. However, when she moves in with her cousins, that is when love and obsession begin to brew.


The show follows the life of a simple young woman who marries a rich family.

14. “Wadi e Ishq”

The quest that “Wadi e Ishq” takes its viewers on is a highly intriguing one. From finding love to losing it, and then finding love in the strangest places. From losing a love one more time, it indicates the life of a woman who finds her standing in life and becomes a strong independent woman.

15. “Iffet”

While we’re very wary of all the guns in Turkish dramas, this one also revolves around near misses and losses in love.

16.Kala Paisa Pyaar

Playing off of the Stockholm Syndrome, the show thrillingly revolves around mystery and thefts and finding out the truth. It’s surely ensured to keep you at the edge of your seats.

17. “Karadayi”

The story of how a family is torn apart after their father is wrongly sentenced to murder and his son tries everything in his power to clear his name.

18. “Aashiqui“

This one’s quite a beautiful story of how a girl falls in love with her best friend’s brother only to know that he doesn’t love her back. And she eventually finds love elsewhere, in a really cute way.

19.  “Manahil aur Khalil”

A heartbreaking story of how two people in love are just not deemed to be together and have to go through hell and back to keep their love alive, and still face heartbreaks every step of the way.

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