11 Iconic Songs From OTT Web Series That Deserve A Spot In Your Playlist Now!

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It is a known fact that web-series across OTT platforms have excellent storylines, a talented cast, and stunning cinematography. And now to this, we can also with pride add excellent music that we hear across the series. In 2020, as the entire nation watched more OTT content than ever, certain web-shows carried extraordinary music that soothes our minds and hearts and stays with us to date. Given below we have listed some of these memorable delightful songs from the web series.

1. Ae Re Sakhi in Made In Heaven 
The spectators were deeply immersed in every moment and mood of the show Made in Heaven because of this masterpiece of a song. It’s because of songs like these that the story’s advanced narrative moves on perfectly.

2. Yaara Teri Yaari in Four More Shots Please
Just before you think of any other romantic song, we advise you to give this a try. This particular song celebrates the virtues of friendship, the kind where you and your best friends are always there for each other, Listen to this and relive the great moments in your friendship.

3. Rehne Do Na in Guilty 
One can describe this song as a true warm hug. Sung by  Ankur Tiwari, the song is so mesmerizing that it would be on loop for many days. Something so mystic about the writing that hits home. This one is truly an underrated gem and has the right for more of our appreciation. 

4. Shaamein From Broken But Season 2
We cannot complete the list without this romantic number. The song composed and sung by Amaal and Armaan Malik is so romantic that this song will convince you to fall in love. 

5. Yeh Kya Hua Humein in Permanent Roommates
This is one web-series that is a must-watch not because of its story but also the songs that are engraved in your heart. Our popular pick from Permanent Roommates had to be the song Yeh Kya Hua Humein. This song is quite peaceful and has a deep meaning to it.

6. O Panchi Re From Fitter

 ‘O Panchi Re’ is a song by Vivek Hariharan and is written by Akshay Shinde. This is a song made with heart and love. Imagining a long-driven love between a father and daughter, the sound-track is just perfect.

7. Haari Main Haari in Please Find Attached 

This is yet another song that people do the mistake of not to hear. This magical song will surely make you think of the person you are deeply in love with. Slow, soft, and spiced with stunning vocals, this song is favorable when you are spending some alone time. 

8. Dil Kaafir in Kaafir

Shockingly, people have no idea of this song. A glorious number that will make you fall in love, cry, and dance all at once. This song is just a mix of emotions that will burst open inside you once you read it.

9. Muddat Hui Hai in A Suitable Boy 

The songs because of the tone and music were incredibly brilliant. Because of this, just this one title song got huge popularity, even more than the series itself.

10.  Harshad Mehta Theme song in Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story
We cannot say if you have heard of this or no but there is a huge demand for scam 1992 and this is no scam but the theme song in The Harshad Mehta Story,  is exceptionally good.

11. Main Bola Hey in Kota Factory 
All love at first sight people this one for you. In the hit series Kota Factory, from the vocals to the lyrics, every emotion is very true and deep.

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