11 Classic Characters Played By Pankaj Tripathi That Deserve A Spin-Off Movie Of Their Own

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We as fans can all agree that Tripathi’s mastery of his craft of acting is nothing but at God’s level. He is not just a star performer but also his ability to select roles that when entangled with his genius ability to stand for a truly memorable character. In 2020, when the Hindi film industry had to go under due to the spread of coronavirus and we could say that it was the darkest time and the future was very uncertain, the only actor to have a blockbuster year with releases like Mirzapur Season 2, Ludo and Gunjan Saxena in 2020 was Pankaj Tripathi.
Well, Today we have dedicated this segment only to this down to earth spectacular actor. Here are the 11 roles that Pankaj Tripathi has taken that would deserve a character arc of its own.

1. Sultan Qureshi in Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs Of Wasseypur is one of Bollywood’s greatest movies today. What’s incredible is that even in a cast full of talented actors, Tripathi is noticed only because of his extraordinary acting. The ruthlessness he brought to Sultan is surely commendable. 
In a stand-alone film of Sultan, if audiences are shown Sultan’s life in a detailed manner, that will be a great film to watch. 

2. Akhandanand Tripathi in Mirzapur

Whenever we think of Mirzapur, we are reminded of the dialogue, “Kaleen Bhaiya ka shehar, Kaleen Bhaiya ka chowk, Mirzapur mein bhokaal ho to Aisa ho,”
But we don’t know how he got so much power, dominance, and influence. If a  spin-off film was on this character’s journey, it will sure be interesting. 

3. Sadhya Ji in Masaan

Pankaj Tripathi was featured as a guest appearance in this movie but the impact he made as Sadhya Ji who manages to become friends with Richa Chadha just wins it. His funny portrayal of being a confident friend but a nervous man around women does make you smile good.

4. Anup Saxena in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl
The biggest reason why Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl stands as the most successful and must watch films is Pankaj Tripathi. Portraying the role of Gunjan’s father, Anup, Tripathi becomes the much-needed support for his daughter’s fight for her freedom and dream of becoming a pilot. 
If a stand-alone on just Anup Saxena’s story was made with will be an inspiration for many fathers out there.

5. Principal Srivastava in Nil Battey Sannata

In this movie, Tripathi plays the role of a schoolmaster with honesty and incorporates traits like a positive structure with sarcastic taunts and the behaviour that makes us remind him as our school principal. 

If a comedy film with Principal Srivastava as the lead is made with all his hilarious taunts and sarcasm it would be a super hit.

6. Rudra in Stree

Pankaj Tripathi is again in his top shape in this entertaining horror-comedy. 
if a spin-off was to be made, It would be exciting to watch his character as the protagonist. His unseen relationship with the ‘Shama’ can be one of the things that can be explored more shown to the people. 

7. Guruji in Sacred Games 

The mystery that surrounds Pankaj Tripathi’s Guruji in the two seasons of Sacred Games is enough to hint given for a movie to be made on the life of this character. It would be quite interesting to know what all Guruji went through his life-changing the world.

8. Narottam Mishra in Bareilly Ki Barfi

While the portrayal of the harsh father was alive and kicking in Bollywood for decades, we were super happy to see Pankaj Tripathi’s Narottam Mishra who brought us a free, compassionate and sensitive on-screen dad. 

9. Pandit in Fukrey

Tripathi’s Pandit from Fukrey will just make you a fan of the actor. The comic timing and dialogues used by him in the movie will make you laugh till you cry your eyes out. Whether it was how he spiced his dialogues with English words like “disgusting”, “vulgar” and “cheating”  or simply act all ethical, the accent itself will make you laugh. By far Pankaj Tripathi’s Pandit is surely one of his best.  

10. Rangeela in Anaarkali of Aarah

As named,  in this movie Pankaj Tripathi plays a colorful character. He is a singer of Bhojpuri songs and a dancer who falls in love with Anarkali. This love that he portrays is very pure and fans would love to see more of him playing the role.

11. Babulal in Luka Chupi

While this film focused more on only Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan’s love story, it was Pankaj Tripathi as Babulal who just swiped away all the glory. Unable to find himself an adequate match, Tripathi’s Babulal always created mes for his younger brother.
Surely if a movie is to be created then it won’t be that hilarious but will be worth to watch.

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