10 winter nutritious food suggested by renowned celebrity nutritionist for immunity, glowing skin and overall health

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Winter brings a huge difference in the climate after the humid summer. So change in the diet becomes the need of an hour. This year, especially, occurs a lot of health issues as we stay home and there are less physical activities. Weight gain, constipation, joint problems are some of the problems everyone are battling during home-quarantine.
With winter stepping in, dry skin and hair fall also become the major problem. Enriching your diet with proper nutrient-rich foods helps you to deal with all such problems and let you enjoy glowing skin, good immunity and overall good health.

Renowned celebrity nutritionist suggests 10 winters nutritious food that you must not forget to include in your diet.

  1. Goond:
    This is a kind of raisins that gives you relaxation from joint pain by lubricating it. Also, soothe digestion, strengthen bone along with menstrual problems and constipation issues. You can turn goond into delicious ladoos so that no one can say no to it. Or you can turn it in goond pani by roasting in ghee and sprinkling with sugar.
  2. Grains:
    Bajra, also known as Pearl millet, is a food rich in fibre and vitamin B. It improves muscle gain and helps you gain freeze-free hair. Bajra should be had in winters only. Make bhakri, laddoo, khichdi, bhajni, thalipeeth with it.
  3. Green Vegetables:
    Winter produce abounds with green vegetables. Pudina, Sarson, palak, methi and especially green lasun in your meal. Green lasun is anti-inflammatory. Helps us to boost immunity.
  4. Kand and Root vegetables:
    Involve all type of root vegetables in your diet. Kand is a must-have vegetable. Which is filled with fibre, good bacteria and promotes a weight loss. You can make tikkis of it serve with ketchup or green chutney.
  5. Sesame Seeds
    Sesame seeds can be had as chikki, laddoo or chutney. Til is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. It is good for bones, hair and skin.
  6. Ghee
    Cook your meals in ghee or top your dal, rice, roti etc. With it. Ghee is an invaluable source of vitamin and minerals.
  7. Peanuts
    Have peanuts as snack, chutney, or include in other recipes such as salad and sabzis. Peanuts are rich in proteins, vitamin B and amino acids.
  8. White Butter
    Use homemade butter to increase the taste of your food, including parathas, thalipith, dal etc. It helps with joint lubrication, skin hydration.
  9. Pulses
    Pulses like kulith can be used to make paratha, dal, soup. Kulith is rich in fibre, proteins and other nutrients.
  10. Seasonal Fruits
    Custard apple (Sitaphal), Guava (Peru), Apple, khurmani and more such winter fruits are full of nutrition and fibres and take care of your skin by hydrating it.

Fortify your meal with these food for great health.

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