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Watch Video: Bigg Boss 11 Former Contestant Akash Dadlani Reveals The Real Reason Behind His Midnight Eviction!


Watch Video: Bigg Boss 11 Former Contestant Akash Dadlani Reveals The Real Reason Behind His Midnight Eviction!

Bigg Boss 11 finally has its four finalists to compete in the finale. This weekend is going to be the conclusion of one of the most controversial yet entertaining seasons of Bigg Boss. From the top five yesterday at midnight, Akash Dadlani was evicted in a mid-week eviction as according to Bigg Boss and leaving us with final four for the finale of the season

However, the energetic Rapstar is out of the Bigg Boss house and in a Facebook chat with Colors, he revealed the real reason behind his midnight eviction. When the ‘Dadlani Chiraag’ was asked if he expected to be eliminated this time, Akash laughs and says, “You know how I naughty I am. I went to jail seven times. I knew I would have been evicted at midnight. What to do? I am very naughty. I am sorry India, all of this was for the show. I am a nice person like you’ve seen. I have given my 100% to the show. But I didn’t want to go, I wanted to be at the top 4. But I am still a winner.”

He adds, “I think anyone who stays in the show from the start to the finale is a winner because we are reaching to crores of people.” 

He also revealed that one thing he will definitely miss from the Bigg Boss house will be the jail, wherein he’s spent the maximum of his time. He tells his viewers that each and everyone is a superstar and that he loves them. After leaving the house, Akash Dadlani was in all praise mode about his co-contestants, he commended Hina Khan’s competitive spirit and how he used to be scared of her during tasks. He also revealed that even though he fully supports his best buddy Puneesh Sharma to win the show, he knows it for a fact that Vikas Gupta will take away the trophy.

Akash Dadlani also stated that after being one of the top 5 finalists on Bigg Boss 11, he will now pursue his dream of becoming a successful rapper in the vast music industry. Here’s the video of the former contestant of Bigg Boss 11 Akash Dadlani talking about his journey in Bigg Boss 11!
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