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Bigg Boss 11: Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai Co-Star Saumya Tandon Has Strong Opinion On Shilpa Shinde’s Real Side On The Show


Bigg Boss 11: Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai Co-Star Saumya Tandon Has Strong Opinion On Shilpa Shinde’s Real Side On The Show

Recently, former Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain co-star, Saumya Tondon, of Bigg Boss 11 finalist Shilpa Shinde revealed her equation with the controversial lady. In just a few days we will all witness the most anticipated moment of finally knowing the winner of Bigg Boss season 11. The entire season has been one of the most entertaining and controversial of all sorts, it has garnered quite a lot of attention from more amount of audience.

Playing a big role in bringing in the TRPs has to be Shilpa Shinde, for her unmatched entertainment quotient. In an interview with Bombay Times, former Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai co-star, Saumya Tandon, talked about her relationship with Shilpa Shinde. She said, “I had a strictly professional relationship with her. All I know is that she fit the role perfectly. People can see how she is in real life on Bigg Boss. I watched an episode of the show, but couldn’t follow it further.”

Well, not only did she reveal about her equation with Shilpa Shinde, but also stated how she can never be a long lasting contestant on the show. She adds, “I would be a disaster; I will be shot dead by the makers as I won’t give them any controversial content. I can’t fight.”

For those uninitiated, Shilpa Shinde had walked out of the show stating that sje was forced to quit Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, also due to delayed and insufficient payments. She had also revealed that she was being sexually harassed by the show’s co-producer Sanjay Kohli and that she had confided in Saumya about the same.

Reacting to the controversy, Saumya told Hindustan Times, “It’s very sad that even after one year of leaving the show, Shilpa has put so many things out there for people to talk about. I don’t understand that if she left the show with an intention that she won’t come back, why is she still cribbing? It is so sad that she used my name. Saying that she confided in me is not true at all. I shared a very professional relationship with her. Also, I’m the kind of a person who is very confident about myself. So, it’s very kiddish to say the things that she said and I really didn’t like or appreciated those lies.”

However, this following statement can be very misleading because although Shilpa Shinde did say that she had confided in her former co-star Saumya Tondon, the Bigg Boss 11 finalist also stated that due to them being professional colleagues only, Saumya Tondon had refused to extend any help on the matter whatsoever. Talking of cribbing about being forced to quit the show, it was ‘forced’ not voluntary, not to forget that it also led to her being banned from the television industry for a whole span of two years. Anyone sane in Shilpa Shinde’s place would have been hurt and distraught over the same. Although, it seems that Saumya Tondon has a very different perception altogether about this whole issue. It isn’t a secret anymore that there has been another case of sexual harassment against the same producer from another girl as well. So, Shilpa Shinde’s cribbing is quite justified.

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