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5 Things In Bollywood We Want To Say No To In 2018 After Getting A Lesson From 2017


5 Things In Bollywood We Want To Say No To In 2018 After Getting A Lesson From 2017

2017 has been a good teacher for B-Town and its fans in terms of so many things. If you really go and take a roundabout of the year gone by, we are sure one would not feel hesitant about changing some of the negatives and the lows of 2017 in respect to what all happened and tarnished the industry’s image. Not to forget, it has also been a comparatively unsuccessful financial year for the makers & producers when movies with big names continued to stand strong at the box-office and proved to be duds. The ongoing debate about nepotism, the poor content, the protests against the movies and much more which proved to be roadblocks for the Bollywood industry to up their game. So, let us say no to top 5 things which no one would want to repeat in 2018…


The Nepotism Debate : It all started when Kangana Ranaut mockingly called Karan Johar ‘The Flag-bearer Of Nepotism’ on the industry on his own talk-show and that was that! This led to the start of one of the most talked about issues which exists in the industry and countless opinions & articles came later on. While we clearly feel that nepotism in B-Town is definitely one of the most trivial problems which exists in the industry, the debate which followed became so huge and viral that the other primary flaws were ignored all this while. At every press-con or event where the celebrities came, this one particular question about the existence of nepotism was asked to them no matter what! While many gave their individualistic opinions, a few refrained to talk about it and both the versions became headliners the following day.  We are so done with hearing the word itself that we would want this topic to be banished for any further discussion as it has been done till death now!


Poor Content : We Indians love Bollywood and Indian cinema is a very large part of our living. We look up to actors and we are almost obsessed with them. We spend money without thinking much before buying movie tickets as we blindly trust the Khans & the Kapoors. Though 2017 has been full of disappointments from our favorite stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, we hope that 2018 is full with movies whose content is ahead of its time and is worth watching. Big movies like TubelightJab Harry Met SejalJagga Jasoos etc failed miserably at the box-office and were major disappointments. A prolific director like Imitiaz Ali also forgot that content is the king in this era. Fans finally proved that if the movie lacks content and is a no brainer, there are higher chances of it turning into a disaster even if it has the biggest names no matter what. here is hoping that 2018 turns out a much better year for Bollywood in terms of minting money as well as fetching great reviews from everyone.


Moral, Communal And Religious Protests Against Art & Cinema : Several movies this year like Lipstick Under My Burkha, Raees, Begum Jaan and the most talked about Padmavati now re-titled as Padmavat had to face so much of remorse and a lot many protests from several people representing different segments of the nation which were against the movies being released. While some did not like a woman talking independently about her sexual desires & sex life in a film, many other were against a historical figure doing ghoomar in a movie which showed great promise. Religious groups like Karni Sena held protests and showed violence against Padmavati getting a peaceful release which stopped the Sanjay Leela Bhansali venture getting a 2017 release. We seriously feel that the artists feel sick of it and it is a loss to the industry & its movies because a lot of budding directors & actors start saying no to doing work which may anger communities and religious groups if the subject deals with them. Quite sad we must say!


Slut & Body Shamming : If an actress wants to do a nude photo-shoot, it is her choice! If an actress chooses to wear clothes which she wants to whether it suits her body or not, it is again her sole choice. Uploading pictures and videos of your private moments online which shows you in a bikini, burkini or even a fully clad saree must not evoke hatred and anger in people who tend to post nasty & derogatory comments ending up slut shamming and body shamming them. Think about how a celebrity goes through when he or she reads these shameful comments, after all they are human too! So many actresses like Lisa HaydonEsha GuptaSana Fatima SheikhZaira Wasim etc have been targeted on social platforms and out in the public as well by the people who seem to be living still in the stone age. India is a developing country but we have to admit that a large part of our population is stuck & is not moving the forward direction along with having a non-progressive way of thinking towards women especially. Jeopardizing a woman’s character is so easy these days just on the basis of what she wears, what she drinks and how she looks and it is downright sad. We sincerely hope that 2018 is free from all these sick targeting habits.


Sexual Molestation And Creepiness With Actresses : This year saw many sad and shameful incidents against our actors namely Taapsee PannuZaira WasimSonam KapoorDeepika PadukoneSana Fatima Sheikh who had to either stay silent about it or share their heart breaking experiences on their social handles. Zaira who was in the news recently for her act in Secret Superstar was molested sexually and touched inappropriately by a fellow passenger when she was in a flight to Mumbai from Delhi. Later on, she went live on Instagram and vented out the mental trauma which she underwent. One of the most angering and disgusting habits of the fans & the people that they consider celebrities their public property and forget that they are also humans who have a private life & a right to privacy. It is high time people must understand that they can’t touch or feel the celebrities the way they want to and imagine the outcomes if the same act is done to their sisters or mothers.





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