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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan And Vikas Gupta Are Totally Showing Their Insecurities, Check These Videos


Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan And Vikas Gupta Are Totally Showing Their Insecurities, Check These Videos

The Bigg Boss season 11 has brought out the worst from all the contestants at times, but sometimes it has also reflected the reality of the world and age we live in, within the span of its 3 months duration. It is really astonishing how differently one can behave when thrown into the most controversial house filled with cameras watching your every move 24/7.

So, in a house like this one can really not get away with anything secretive, every secret is ours to dissect and judge on, this is the very fact that at times the contestants inside forget to reconsider, especially those who haven’t quite shown their true sides or those who are just dense.

If you have still not caught on, then yes this time both Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta have forgotten to watch what they say as they gossip about co-contestant Shilpa Shinde’s fan following and comment on their own fan following simultaneously.

There’s nothing wrong with putting out your views and opinion but to express them with such insensitivity is shocking. We all understand insecurities when we see it in the open, but to hide that very insecurity of your own it is just plain unfair and hypocritical to object to someone’s natural personality with silly allegations like how Shilpa is always in the kitchen and not putting any efforts in the task.

In the video below, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are talking about how Shilpa’s fan following and their own has a huge bar of difference in it.

They were seen complaining about how their fans aren’t as dedicated towards them as that of Shilpa’s or that some may have left the premises before the voting took place which they shouldn’t have (this conversation took place after the Mall task for the nominations), both Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan, contestants always called confident and strong suddenly sound underconfident and plain insecure of Shilpa Shinde and her fans. I wonder why after-all according to them she is only working in the kitchen and has zero involvement in the house.

Why the two most strongest contestants have suddenly ganged up in such desperation to bring down Shilpa Shinde, whom they thought would’ve gained only hate and no love from the audience. After-all Shilpa Shinde is only putting up a facade of being caring and sweet as well as giving to others.

Well, it seems that the pretentious bubble around Ms. Hina Khan about her apparent popularity has been finally squashed, quite harshly. Poor Hina Khan has absolutely gone into shock and has no idea that her insecurity with Shilpa Shinde is transparent to the whole audience. While Vikas Gupta seems to be reeling with quite a lot of jealousy and annoyance towards Shilpa, after-all she has single-handedly made his life a living hell for the first five weeks inside the house. Suddenly, the mastermind isn’t quite working his brains properly.

So, these very silly allegations of Shilpa Shinde not putting in efforts in the tasks or being overconfident while simultaneously declaring her the winner already reflects their true colors of insecurity and jealousy. So, it is best to keep on ganging up on her because maybe somewhere that will break her down.

Really, Hina Khan we never knew that your 8 yrs of experience in your work field have left you helpless in such an important situation. It seems like you definitely have no confidence and that’s why you keep insisting that Shilpa Shinde is overconfident and declare her the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Well, on being confident over her fan following, it is but obvious after all Shilpa Shinde has earned her fans throughout the show, she has done her best and always made sure to be her real self. This isn’t overconfidence, it is being secure and being without inhibitions of losing or winning.

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